Sheriff’s Deputy

Glencoe, MN
McLeod County Sheriff

Salary: $27.53.

Position Summary:

The Deputy Sheriff is responsible for providing protection of life and security of property, crime prevention, criminal apprehension, enforcement of State and Federal law and local ordinances through routine patrol, investigation, and traffic regulation. This position is required to become proficient in patrol duties; Work assignments may also include duties with investigation, civil process, court security, K9, drug taskforce, mobile field force, boat and water and emergency response unit. The Deputy Sheriff works to strengthen our community and participates in community engagement activities. This position reports directly to an assigned Sergeant. Working in this role exposes the individual to elements of danger due to the duties and nature of the position. When required, Deputies must be able to act without direct supervision while exercising sound personal judgment during high-stress and critical situations. The on-duty Deputy Sheriff is required to exercise knowledge of law enforcement methods and techniques to provide services during emergency events and other situations. They conduct criminal and non-criminal investigations and provide support to the correctional division by transporting inmates, and/or, handling adverse situations with the inmate population. The Deputy Sheriff is required to communicate professionally and coordinate with local and State law enforcement agencies, and Communications personnel, to perform the duties of their position.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols McLeod County roads, cities, and areas under contractual agreement for the purpose of protecting people and property by preventing crime and enforcing statutes and ordinances.
  • Patrol duties are performed using a Sheriff’s Office vehicle, along with use of necessary technology and safety devices (i.e., police radio, computer, radar, firearms). Patrol of waterways and other terrain requires the operation of other Sheriff’s Office equipment, including boats, all-terrain vehicles, etc.
  • Respond to calls for service from the public and other agencies regarding criminal activity ranging from petty misdemeanor to felony-level offenses; determine if laws have been violated, take enforcement when appropriate, mediate disputes, administer first aid when appropriate, and advise complainants as to course of action or possible solutions.
  • Conduct duties for initial investigations, including collecting evidence, gathering suspect and witness statements or interviews, and other relevant activities as required.
  • Maintain chain of custody for any evidence gathered.
  • Respond to and investigate during accidents and catastrophic events; administer first aid, gather evidence and assist in securing scene of incident as required.
  • Prepare detailed and accurate written and electronic reports and records reflecting involvement and observation of incidents and activities that occur during a work shift; provide and maintain appropriate records related to investigations, citations, training, and work with other agencies.
  • Enforce Minnesota State Statutes, Federal Laws and local ordinances; issue citations and/or place violators under arrest as needed or required, transport and process prisoners, transport other civilians as required.
  • Participate in court and other legal proceedings; provide truthful and credible testimony in court regarding facts of cases, law enforcement procedures, collection of evidence and findings of investigations.
  • Provide support to the Correctional division through inmate transport and/or providing direct support during an adverse situation with prisoners.
  • Serve arrests warrants for all offense levels and civil process papers as needed. Conduct and/or participate in Sheriff sales (auctions) as directed.
  • Conduct criminal and non-criminal investigations, interview victims, witnesses and suspects, gather and process evidence.
  • Weigh and measure loads on trucks or commercial vehicles during road restrictions.
  • Assist other law enforcement agencies with emergency and non-emergency law enforcement related activities.
  • Coordinate activities with peace officers regarding law enforcement special assignments such as warrant attempts, traffic saturations and other programs (i.e. Towards Zero Deaths – TZD).
  • Communicate with citizens regarding areas of special concern and advise the public on matters of public safety. Attend township board meetings, safety and community events, fairs, or other venue to educate and advise the public regarding good safety practices.
  • Make recommendations or suggestions for equipment needs related to assigned areas. Provide bailiff and security/weapon-screening services for Court and Security while acting as Deputy; participate in Courtroom security.
  • Respond to complaints, interview complainants, and take appropriate actions for resolution.
  • Responsible for care and maintenance of assigned equipment. Ensure the proper use and maintenance of law enforcement related equipment, including, cars, trucks, snowmobiles, boats, trailers, ATV’s, haulers, computers, search, and, etc.
  • May be assigned to special functions such as Emergency Response Unit (ERU), Field Training Officer (FTO), Drug Task Force (DTF), Towards Zero Deaths (TZD) coordinator, Boat and Water coordinator and various instructor duties/assignments.
  • Keep informed of and attend trainings and meetings to stay current on recent changes to laws, statutes, and local ordinances. Must attend necessary sessions to maintain certification and training requirement. Travel will be required throughout the state; out-of-state travel may be required.
  • Work is often performed in hazardous environments, including but not limited to: patrol during severe weather, response to incidents in high-traffic areas, entering insecure structures or situations during incident response, incidents involving hazardous materials, illicit substances, bodily fluids, injured and/or deceased individuals, unsafe or injured/deceased animals,
  • Must understand and follow all office policies and procedures.
  • Must remain awake and alert at all times and be capable of responding to any call or activity that is assigned to them.


  • Two-year post-secondary education in law enforcement or related field, and/or applicants must be P.O.S.T licensed or eligible to be licensed by the Minnesota P.O.S.T. and/or
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to perform the essential functions of the position.
  • Minnesota POST licensed or eligible to be licensed upon employment.
  • Valid MN driver’s license with proof of insurance and good driving record.
  • First Aid and CPR.
  • U.S. Citizenship.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Four-year degree in Criminal Justice plus four years of law enforcement experience.
  • Experience in crime scene investigation, investigator experience, and work involving public contact.
  • Firearms, Less lethal, Chemical Munitions, Taser, Radar and Lidar.
  • DataMaster Transportable (DMT) Certification.