Patrol Officer I

West Long Branch, NJ
Monmouth University Police Department

Position Summary:

The successful candidate must project a positive image and participate in crime prevention and community-oriented public safety programming that reflects the University’s diverse population.

Additionally, University Police Officers enforce University regulations, local ordinances, and state laws. The individual is a first responder to incidents, accidents, and other emergencies and is responsible for conducting initial and follow-up investigations into significant and criminal incidents.

The individual will work under the direction of a Sergeant, Captain, or Chief of Police.

The University Police Department is a 24/7, 365-day operation. Therefore, the successful candidate must be able to work all shifts, including weekends, holidays, and overtime shifts, as required. Overtime may be assigned for departmental needs and is mandatory.

Essential Functions:

  • Under direction, provides foot and vehicular patrol to detect security problems, safety hazards, and to provide surveillance for an entire University campus or portion thereof.
  • Complete training and have familiarization with dispatch functions.
  • Participate in directed patrol activities to observe and detect unusual activities, circumstances, or violations of the law.
  • Conduct investigations, make arrests, issue summons, enforce laws and ordinances, and provide directions and information.
  • Deter, restrain, and/or arrest individuals attempting to inflict physical harm on themselves or others or commit criminal acts.
  • Support the University’s diversity commitment and strong student-centered vision and mission.
  • Maintain radio contact with headquarters/police personnel.
  • When necessary, regulate and control pedestrian and vehicular traffic to ensure safety and reasonable, rapid movement of traffic with a minimum of interference.
  • Provide quality customer service.
  • Provide security and protection of life and property to the University community by patrolling areas or buildings to enforce criminal and traffic laws.
  • Provide foot or vehicular patrols for the duration of a shift.
  • Provide basic first aid until the arrival of local EMS.
  • Maintain knowledge of current state, county and local laws, policies and procedures relevant to the position.
  • Coordinate the initial effort with public agencies and incident/crime scene.
  • Investigate criminal, civil, and other complaints committed by or against the University and community and observe established regulations and policy.
  • Work special events or details to detect problems or illegal activities.
  • Take appropriate steps to rescue persons from severe and life-threatening injury circumstances.
  • Work while withstanding considerable exposure to unusual elements, such as extreme temperatures and loud noises, moderate exposure to hazards, and physical risks to personal safety.
  • Wear the required uniform including but not limited to a protective vest.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with assigned firearms and qualify per Attorney General (AG) guidelines and annually thereafter per policy.
  • Perform other duties as needed and assigned.


  • Valid Automobile Driver’s License in your state of principal residence.
  • Must possess a current New Jersey Basic Course for Police Officer Certification(formerly known as Class A); OR be a Special Officer Class II (SLEO II) which is eligible for a waiver of training from the Basic Course for Police Officers; OR have successfully completed the Alternate Route Program for the Basic Course for Police Officers (BCPO).
  • Must be able to work rotating shifts, assigned overtime, respond to emergency call-ins as needed, and respond to department call-ins as needed.
  • Ability to maintain high levels of exertion in times of emergencies.
  • Ability to lift and carry suspects, prisoners, victims, and people to safe areas.
  • Ability to safely handle their assigned weapons and successfully qualify at the designated range on a bi-annual basis.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associate’s degree, two years of college, trade school, or equivalent education; Bachelor’s degree highly. preferred. Higher Education public safety experience is a plus.
  • Two years of work and life experience directly relating to:
  • Community service/involvement.
  • Interviewing, public speaking, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Problem-solving, using creative methods to resolve issuesMulti-cultural work and life experiences.