Police Practice Tests


How to find the best Police Practice Tests

There are a lot of police practice tests available. The good ones are very helpful and will greatly improve your test score and thus your chances of getting hired. The “not so good” ones will waste your valuable preparation time. So how to you find The Good Ones?

  • Do they cover the Most Common Test Topics
  • Do they have an Extensive list of Randomized Practice Questions
  • Do they have TIMED Practice Tests
  • Do they explain the Correct Answers
  • Do they offer Personalized Support

The Best Practice Tests for the Police Written Exam

The Best Practice Tests that we recommend for the Police Written Exam are PoliceExam911 and JobTestPrep.

Bakersfield PD uses the PELLETB Test


  • Created by Police Training Sergeant George Godoy
  • Highest Rated for Customer Satisfaction
  • Offers Personalized Support at No Extra Charge
  • Explains the Incorrect and Correct Answers
  • Multi-media Tutorials
  • Time to Use is Unlimited
  • Check out PoliceExam911
San Diego County Sheriff uses the PELLETB Test

JobTest Prep

  • There 28 different PrepPaks
  • Over 1,000 Practice Questions
  • Test covers a Variety of Assessments and Tests
  • Timed Practice Test
  • Detailed Answer Explanations
  • Check out JobTestPrep