Law Enforcement Articles

Special Agents

1811 Special Agent

Learn how to become an 1811 Special Agent. Including the requirements, the training, and what FBI agents really do.

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Joanna-Hollenback MPD

How Crime Scenes are Processed

My name is Joanna Hollenback, and I am an investigator in the Forensic Services Unit with the Madison Police Department. I am a police officer, it's a promoted position, and I do crime scene processing. I have been with the Police Department there in Madison for...

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MPD We Are The 28

We are the 28 – Madison Police Department

I'm Jennifer Krueger-Favour. I am the captain of personnel and training with the Madison Police Department (MPD). I have been a commissioned officer for over twenty-six years now with the MPD. I actually started as a civilian back in 1991 as part of the bicycle...

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Jenniffer Price-Lehmann

Child Abductions and AMBER Alerts

My name is Jennifer Price-Lehmann, and I am currently the program manager for the AMBER Alert training and technical assistance program with the National Criminal Justice Training Center at Fox Valley Technical College. Prior to that, I was the director of special...

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Americans held Captive and Rescued in Kenya

This article was written based on an interview with Óscar Grajales, a Special Agent with United States Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service. Agent Grajales was interviewed from San Jose, Costa Rica. He is the Assistant Regional Security Officer for...

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Police Officer Javier Acosta

Passing the Police Hiring Process

This article was written with the assistance of Police Officer Javier Acosta who has been with the San Jose Police Department for close to 24 years. He is currently assigned to the department’s recruiting unit which hires for 3 academies per year with 50 recruits each...

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SWAT – Armored Vehicle and K9 Training – Part 3

This article was written with the assistance of George Creamer and Rich Diliberti, owners of Integrated Tactical Concepts which provides training for SWAT teams throughout the United States and internationally. ARMORED VEHICLE TRAINING The types of armored vehicles...

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