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Responsibilities include law enforcement duties; wildlife management data collection; wildlife conflict resolution; depredation investigations; dealing with the public; and representing the agency in day to…
WY Statewide
Wyoming Game & Fish
Salary: $
Responsible for providing a visible deterrent against crime within the university community. Monthly Salary $3834.00
San Marcos, TX
Texas State University
Salary: $
The City of Berkeley’s Police Department is recognized as one of the most progressive and innovative law enforcement agencies in the country, and continually strives…
Berkeley, CA
Berkeley Police Department
Salary: $
The purpose of this position is to perform skilled administrative and technical duties to provide analysis and data evaluation to the Danville Police Department for…
Danville, VA
Danville Police Department
Salary: $
The Police Officer strives to provide a safe, secure environment for the community by minimizing the impact of crime, disaster, disorder, and hazardous conditions through…
Englewood, CO
Englewood Police Department
Salary: $

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Direct, plan and manage all functions and operations of the Police Department in the enforcement of laws and University regulations, the prevention of crime, and…
Chicago, IL
Chief of Police
Salary: $
The West Valley-Mission Community College District is seeking a talented individual to fill the position of Police Officer. Comprised of two colleges, West Valley College…
Sarasota, FL
West Valley-Mission Community College District
Salary: $
Processes crime scenes for the Police Department. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: operating mobile crime scene lab; collecting and processing physical…
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Police Department
Salary: $
To perform a wide variety of tasks in support of the law enforcement and crime prevention functions; to perform investigative work and other special assignments;…
Mesquite, TX
Mesquite Police Department
Salary: $
Commerce City, a dynamic, diverse community with a growing future, places great emphasis on providing a safe environment to residents and members of the industrial…
Commerce City, CO
Commerce City Police Department
Salary: $

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This is general duty police work in the enforcement of laws and ordinances. The employee is responsible for the protection of life and property; for…
Largo, FL
Largo Police Department
Salary: $
The Cobb County Police Department is a CALEA accredited and nationally recognized full-service law enforcement agency, with an authorized strength of 690 sworn officers, located…
Marietta, GA
Cobb County Police Department
Salary: $
Schaumburg, IL (population 74,227; daytime population 150,000), a dynamic, progressive community located 23 miles northwest of Chicago and 10 miles west of O’Hare International Airport seeks…
Schaumburg, IL
Village of Schaumburg
Salary: $
Performs a variety of entry level technical law enforcement duties related to enforcing the laws, maintaining the peace, and protecting the citizens of Clearfield. Closing…
Clearfield City, UT
Clearfield Police Department
Salary: $
Attends and successfully completes a Colorado P.O.S.T. training academy. Must past the Colorado P.O.S.T. certification test and obtain Colorado peace officer certification. Salary $4,593.71 Monthly…
Arvada, CO
Arvada Police Department
Salary: $

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Under general supervision, researches and analyzes law enforcement data; performs statistical and clerical activities such as the maintenance of statistical charts and graphs and the…
Detroit, MI
Detroit Police Department
Salary: $
The City of Vallejo is actively recruiting for Police Officers (Entry). The Police Officer (Entry) works under supervision and in all conditions, performing a variety…
Vallejo, CA
Vallejo Police Department
Salary: $
Provides emergency aid, security and protection to the citizens of Bremerton by patrolling business and residential areas, responding to requests for information and assistance, investigating…
Bremerton, WA
Bremerton Police Department
Salary: $
Under general supervision, performs general-duty police work in the protection of life and property, the prevention of crime, the apprehension of criminal suspects, and the…
Davie, FL
Davie Police Department
Salary: $
Highly responsible administrative professional work assisting in the preliminary phase of investigations in the New Orleans Police Department. Incumbents will assist in conducting and reviewing…
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Police Department
Salary: $

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A Criminalist searches for, collects and preserves physical evidence in the investigation of crime and suspected criminals; examines evidence by means of physical and chemical…
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Police Department
Salary: $
If you are interested in working in a cause, not a job, we need you. If you want your education and your life to make…
Greeley, CO
Greeley Police Department
Salary: $
This is law enforcement work in the protection of life and property through patrol, investigation of a specialized nature, assistance to citizens, arrest and detention,…
Huntsville, AL
Huntsville Police Department
Salary: $
To attend and satisfactorily complete The University of Texas System Police Academy or an equivalent training academy within the State of Texas approved for enrollment…
Dallas, TX
UT Dallas Police Department
Salary: $
Under the supervision of the Investigations Lieutenant and working with the Detective Sergeant, operate and maintain computer applications and perform statistical research relating to crime…
Los Angeles, CA
UCLA Police Department
Salary: $

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