Police Officer

Bethany, OK
SNU Department of Public Safety


Police Officers are under the general supervision of the SNU Director/ Chief of Police or his designee. The demands of an SNU Police Officer’s job are unique to higher education, and the role entails being the first line of active shooter response, first-aid or medical care, fire response, handling criminal cases, weather-related emergency response, crowd control, traffic enforcement, working athletic and campus/student-led events, etc. These responsibilities range from everyday practicalities to extreme emergencies requiring an immediate response. For this reason, SNU Police Officers must be flexible and adapt easily to various situations.

In addition to enforcing federal, state, and local laws, SNU Police Officers will work closely with Student Life to help enforce campus regulations. Officers are expected to take on a proactive, leading role in community policing while serving and protecting the campus community, visitors, and property.

Essential Functions:

  • Protect persons and property on campus, including enforcing federal, state, and local laws and campus rules and regulations.
  • Serve as liaison to the campus community with an emphasis on staff and residents of campus housing.
  • Gather and secure evidence, protect crime scenes, investigate crimes, interview witnesses, suspects, and other involved parties, and make arrests under the direction of the Chief of Police. Issue infractions and citations and create timely, accurate, and complete investigative reports and case files.
  • Perform patrol functions to prevent and detect criminal activity; investigate complaints of disturbance, accidents, stolen property, or criminal activity.
  • Document and write complete and accurate case reports on all incidents responded to, describing detailed information and action taken.
  • Operate police radios and paging systemsmonitor alarms for fire, intrusion, and other related security needs.
  • Secure and unlock buildings and campus grounds.
  • Provide escorts on campus for personal safety and security.
  • Provide security for athletic and special events.

Required Qualifications:

  • Southern Nazarene University is an expression of the Church of the Nazarene. According to SNU policy, all faculty and staff must possess a strong personal Christian commitment and be committed to the SNU mission to make Christlike disciples through higher education in a Christ-centered community.
  • An understanding of the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Two years prior experience with a law enforcement department of a similar size.
  • Current Full-time CLEET Certification or the ability to obtain CLEET Certification through reciprocity or certification renewal.
  • Prior experience as an FTO and or CLEET Certified Instructor is highly desirable.
  • Personal health and fitness level that will allow for significant periods of walking, standing, running, stair climbing, lifting or moving moderately weighted items, and possible physical contact with other individuals as it would relate to security or law enforcement duties
  • Proven leadership and organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal relationship skills
  • Good written or oral communication abilities as they pertain to interpersonal relationships, providing directives to others, incident and crime reporting, etc.
  • Proficiency with technology that could be related to email, word processing, utilizing video surveillance systems, processing parking violations and citations, etc.
  • Must pass a background investigation to include contact with previous law enforcement agencies.
  • Post offer must be deemed “suitable” for law enforcement service through a law enforcement psychological examination.