Police Officer – Lateral

Annapolis, MD
Annapolis Police Department

Salary rate $60,000 – $106,569

Performs general duty police work in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and
ordinances; and does related work as required.


  • Enforces the law and ordinances of the City and State and all other pertinent laws.
  • Patrols an assigned area during a specific period and/or responds to calls for service.
  • Checks doors and windows and examines premises of unoccupied buildings or residences to detect any suspicious conditions.
  • Investigates suspicious conditions and complaints and makes arrests of persons who violate laws and ordinances.
  • Accompanies prisoners to headquarters, jail, or court and appears and testifies in court as required.
  • Maintains surveillance and contact with known criminals and their associates.
  • Directs traffic and enforces traffic laws.
  • Checks automobile parking in restricted areas and issues citations when appropriate.
  • Works at a desk, answering telephone, dispatching patrol cars, operating a radio transmitter, maintaining records, preparing reports, and performing other clerical and administrative duties.
  • Prepares and gives lectures to school, civic, and other groups.
  • Responds to calls for service involving fires or accidents as directed, gives all possible assistance, and prepares necessary reports.
  • Maintains order in crowds and attends parades, funerals, or other public gatherings and quells rioters or other unruly disturbances.
  • Escorts funerals, parades, and other public processions.
  • Watches for stolen cars and wanted or missing persons.
  • Makes investigations and enforces City and State laws pertaining to juvenile offenders.
  • Answers criminal complaints and takes necessary corrective action.
  • Gives advice on laws, ordinances, and general information to the public.
  • Provides emergency first aid as required.
  • May be assigned to undercover or plainclothes investigative tasks.
  • Serves as a crime laboratory officer, collecting and evaluating evidence, taking and processing photographs, lifting latent prints, DNA, etc.
  • Serves as a drug custody coordinator.
  • Interviews applicants for positions and conducts additional interviews of references and others familiar with applicants’ background.
  • Classifies police incident reports in accordance with the uniform crime code.
  • Operates a motorcycle, radio patrol car, patrol wagon, or police copter as required.
  • Writes reports and testifies in court as required.
  • Acts for Corporal or Sergeant in their absence as required.
  • Performs other related job duties as assigned.

Education and Experience
High School Diploma or an acceptable equivalency diploma (GED) and preferably possession of an associate
degree in a job-related field; with no experience required.

Special Qualifications:
Possession of certificate of satisfactory completion from the Maryland Police Training Commission.
Radar Certification.
Intoximeter Certification (as needed) .
Firearms Certification.
NCIC Training.
Taser Certification.
First Responder Certified (First Aid/CPR).
Possession of a valid Driver’s License.