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Garner, NC
Garner Police Department

Garner NC PD Recruiting

The Garner Police Department is seeking Police Officer candidates desiring a community-oriented law enforcement career.

Police Officers are responsible for performing protective service work in the prevention, detection, and investigation of violations of the law. Officers are assigned to a patrol squad and work rotating shifts. Work is performed under the regular supervision of a Police Sergeant or Corporal. The Career Development Program offers an outstanding opportunity for professional enhancement and advancement in salary.

With tenure, training, and above-average levels of performance, officers can compete for a variety of specialized positions and promotions. They include Canine Handler, Traffic Safety Officer, School Resource Officer, Investigator, Special Response Team, Crisis Negotiator, Field Training Officer, Community Liaison, and others.

Officers are provided with state-of-the-art equipment, take-home cars (for those in compliance with Department policy), uniforms, and all related apparel.

The current starting salary for police officers is $54,708. However, salary incentives may be provided for the following credentials as determined by the Chief of Police:

Prior sworn law enforcement experience (2.5% per year) — as determined by the Chief.

Specialized Skills/Experience (2%) — as determined by the Chief
Certified Instructor (2%)
Military experience (2%)
Associates (1%), Bachelors (2%), or Masters (3%) degree
Foreign language fluency (2%)

The starting salary will be determined based on the selected candidate’s skills and qualifications. The current hiring range is $54,708 – $71,113.

The Garner Police Department offers a robust dual career path. This program encourages professorial development by providing a 5% increase with each advancement.

The steps included in the career path are as follows:

Police Officer I
Police Officer II
First Class Officer
Senior Officer

Career path salary increases would be in addition to any merit increases and market adjustments approved by the Town.

This position will be open until filled!