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Exempt: No
Shift: 12.21 HR w/o Holidays
Starting Pay: $56,432

This position involves working directly with inmates detained in the Monroe County Detention Facility. Members may be assigned to the following areas: dorms, medical, transportation, main control, intake and release, classification and laundry. The work requires officers to be responsible for the care, custody, and control of inmates being detained. Unusual and serious situations and/or matters may arise and require split second decisions and/or notification to supervisors for proper action and guidance. Work is performed under the general supervision of a Detention Sergeant who reviews work performance through conferences, reports, inspections and observation of actual work performances.


Any combination of education and training equivalent to graduation from high school, or possession of an acceptable equivalency diploma. Certification as a Detention Deputy in compliance with the requirements of the State of Florida. Experience with security or corrections work is desirable.


Work involves the direct supervision of inmates in accordance with Florida Jail Model Standards and Detention Center policy and procedures. Work may involve split second decision making in unusual, high stress situations.


Internal responsibilities of worker include but are not limited to: key control, safety/health hazards of inmates or others within the facility, maintenance/sanitary conditions of entire facility.


Position does not involve any internal asset control responsibility.


Generally the work is performed independently. Some unusual and difficult situations may be handled under the general supervision of a Sergeant Detention Deputy:

Percentages will vary depending on the duty assignment and/or shift assignment.

  • 85% Care, custody and control of inmates.
  • 8% Monitor inmate work details.
  • 5% Supervise issuance of food to inmates.
  • 1% Supervise issuance of medicine to inmates.
  • 1% Supervise issuance of canteen.


Work involves contacts with a variety of people; some contacts may be difficult requiring the worker to use considerable tact and skill or commands or force to obtain what is desired.


Position requires considerable responsibility for the health and safety of inmates and others as well as employees.


Occasionally, the work may involve strenuous physical effort from physically controlling inmates.

  • Work may require strenuous physical effort while handling inmates during unfavorable and life threatening situations.
  • Utilize verbal commands when giving orders.
  • Light (up to 20 pounds) heavy (50 pounds and over) lifting and carrying.
  • Reaching, pulling, pushing, walking, standing, sitting, kneeling, bending, and running.


Generally, work involves considerable risks requiring the worker to observe safety precautions and use extreme care in performing job duties.

  • May be exposed to Blood and Viral Pathogen Risk.
  • Biohazard waste.
  • Exposure to crabs, lice, maggots or open sores.
  • Exposure to communicable diseases.


Generally, work is performed in an enclosed restricted environment that involves some discomfort or unpleasantness.

  • May be exposed to various levels of noise.
  • May be exposed to unpleasant odors and fumes.
  • Hazardous and stressful conditions and/or situations.


Position does not involve any supervisory responsibility.


Position does not involve the supervision of Sheriff’s Office personnel.


Processes incoming prisoners: searches prisoners; obtains al personal property from prisoner and prepares a complete property inventory; takes fingerprints and photos; prepares clerical records and makes entries in log books; prepares a magistrate folder comprised of notice of arraignment arrest affidavit, magistrate action form, affidavit of indigence and compliance of booking officer form.

Conducts security inspections to check on safety and well being of all inmates; observes condition of facility and of inmates; observes changes in habits and moods of inmates and reports unusual conditions or incidents to supervisor.

Maintains order in all cellblocks.

Distributes food trays; recovers food trays and accounts for all utensils. Distributes medication to inmates as authorized by others.

Sorts and distributes mail to inmates.

Issue toilet articles and sanitary supplies, initially; prepares orders for canteen supplies; distributes canteen supplies to inmates.

Collects soiled laundry; distributes clean laundry.

Oversees inmates on special work details such as cleaning, painting, moving furniture, repair or laundry detail; oversees inmates’ activities in exercise yard or other recreational areas.

Transports inmates to court or other places when necessary; escorts inmates to activities within the jail such as to see visitors, doctor, or to recreation area.

Conducts bed checks of inmates; counts inmates. Searches inmates and cells for contraband as required.

Completes paperwork such as activity form, check-off list form, log book, medications, and feed list during each shift; enters prisoner data into computer.

Returns personal property to inmates being discharged; completes paperwork pertinent to discharge or transfer of inmate.

While attending the Basic Corrections Academy you will go through a defensive tactics training class – that includes hand-to-hand combat and defensive maneuvers on individuals 100 – 200 pounds larger. In addition, there will be fire arm training – including shooting a semi-automatic (up to a 1000 rounds per day). Also, running, swimming and doing calisthenics will be performed during the Academy.

Performs related work as required.


Considerable knowledge of policies, rules, regulations, and procedures governing the maintenance of security in a jail and the maintenance of the health and welfare of inmates.

Knowledge of human behavior particularly as it applies to confine individuals. Knowledge of hygiene.

Knowledge of first aid and CPR.

Knowledge of fire-fighting procedures and equipment. Knowledge of the techniques of self-defense.

Knowledge of the legal rights of incarcerated persons. Skill in the use of restraining devices and self-defense.

Ability to oversee the recreational and work activities of inmates.

Ability to detect and respond to emergency situations quickly and effectively. Ability to communicate effectively with inmates.

Ability to prepare reports and maintains records.


Must possess a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Florida.

Must be available to work shifts, weekends and holidays.

Must be certified as a Detention Deputy in compliance with the requirements of the State of Florida.

Must be able to stay and work in the event of natural disasters, i.e., hurricanes, or unforeseen emergencies.



The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national Origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for otherwise qualified individuals with a disability.