Police Officer

Clermont, FL
Clermont Police Department

$53,000.00 Annually

Job Summary:
This position performs general law enforcement work in order to preserve public peace, to protect lives, property and rights of the public; to enforce statutory law and municipal ordinances; to deter crime; and to respond to calls for law enforcement assistance. Duties may vary according to specific assignments on assigned patrol shift of Uniform Services. Works under general supervision.

  • Enforces all city and state codes, ordinances, laws and regulations in order to: protect life and property; prevent crime; promote security;
  • Apprehend and/or arrests persons who violate federal, state or City codes and laws and advises suspects of rights; processes and transports prisoners according to procedures and ensure safety of officers.
  • Maintains visibility by patrolling assigned area, city streets, parks, neighborhoods, and businesses in a marked police vehicle; remains alert to suspicious activities or persons and reacts appropriately; inspects troublesome areas and checks security of businesses; performs surveillance of various locations and of criminal suspects; collects and reviews data; devleops trends and/or patterns pertaining to locations/suspects; files intelligence reports.
  • Monitors radio and responds to emergency calls/calls for assistance; communicates with radio dispatcher and responds to complaints, reports of criminal events, requests for law enforcement, and domestic or public disputes; assesses situation and takes appropriate actions to bring situation to resolution; follows standard operating procedures when responding to calls; provides backup assistance to fellow officers as requested/necessary; contacts command/supervisory personnel for emergency response and critical incident communications.
  • Secures crime scenes until superiors arrive; gathers preliminary information in criminal investigations by obtaining statements from victims, witnesses and suspects; performs searches of people, vehicles and buildings; prepares investigative reports of findings, facts, and related information; detects and collects evidence and substances that provide the basis for probable cause for criminal acts; testifies in court.
  • Determines probable cause to search and/or reasonable suspicion to detain suspects; obtains warrants and performs various search operations; locates missing persons; pursues fleeing and subdues resisting suspects and effects arrests.
  • Enforces traffic laws/regulations; stops vehicles for traffic violations, issues traffic citations/warnings; directs vehicle and pedestrian traffic post-accidents, funerals and public gatherings; disabled traffic control devices or heavily congested areas; establishes road blocks; administers field sobriety tests; identifies wanted persons/vehicles; impounds vehicles; assists disabled motorists; ensures roadways are clear of obstacles and hazards.
  • Responds to accident calls; gathers information at the accident scene; investigates accidents involving serious injury; fatality, or hit-and-run; interviews victims and witnesses; notifies relatives of victims as necessary.
  • Performs tasks as necessary to assist at the scene of accidents, crimes, or other incidents, including crowd control, first aid, rescue functions, etc.
  • Completes and/or reviews paperwork documenting shift and incident activities; completes state reports to accurately record criminal offenses; completes and prepares a variety of forms, logs, requests, records, reports, correspondence and various other documents associated with daily responsibilities of this position; maintains administrative records/files.
  • Responds to questions, complaints, and requests for information by telephone or in person from merchants, community/civic organizations, the public, employees, superiors, and other individuals.
  • Enters/retrieves data to/from computer systems; stolen property, arrest and wanted persons information, investigation data and criminal/driving records checks; reviews crime statistics.
  • Attends shift meetings, seminars, and specialized/update training sessions as required to maintain knowledge of departmental and city operations, to promote improved job performance, and to maintain knowledge of changing policies, procedures, codes, and laws.
  • Cooperates with federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and their officers or representatives when activities are related to investigations within city jurisdiction; assists in the prosecution of offenders; appears in court to present evidence and testimony.
  • May perform various tasks and duties related to special assignments as to emergency or special response teams; community outreach and education programs such as crime prevention, explorer programs and grant programs; special units such as traffic, canine, bike patrol, narcotics or internal training positions such as Recruitment/Training Officer and Field Training Officer; attends/assists community meetings, activities, programs and special events; coordinates, leads and teaches special education programs or media campaigns.
  • Assists with interdepartmental duties and city activities, which may include working within school zones, directing traffic, providing security at city social events, special escorts, crowd/riot control, or other special assignments.
  • Maintains police vehicle and equipment, including firearms; shuttles vehicles for maintenance.
  • Answers the telephone; provides information, advice and guidance; takes and relays messages and/or direct calls to appropriate personnel; returns calls as necessary.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Must be at least 20 years old.
  • Florida Law Enforcement Certification is required.
  • Completion of the Minimum Standards Courses as set forth by the Florida Police Standards.
  • Successful completion of a physical assessment test is required both prior to hire and each year thereafter.
  • Successful passing of a physical health screening is required both prior to hire and each year thereafter.
  • Valid Florida Driver’s License.

In some cases, an equivalent combination of higher education and experience may be considered, provided that the education and experience is in a relevant and related field.