Police Officer (POST Certified)

Littleton, CO
Littleton Police Department

The Littleton Police Department is looking for POST certified Police Officers to join our accomplished and professional organization. We are a CALEA accredited law enforcement agency and we are proud of our highly trained officers and staff for consistently achieving full accreditation.

Starting salary for entry level (Police Officer V): $64,643, increasing to $71,036 (Police Officer IV) after the successful completion of a one-year probationary period

Starting salary for lateral (Police Officer II): $85,782, increasing to $94,265 (Police Officer I) after the successful completion of a one-year probationary period

2/5/2021 5:00 PM Mountain


• Receives and responds to calls for service and assistance received from the communications center or from citizens of the community or other persons. Obtains and evaluates information; determines priority of action(s) necessary and takes appropriate action at the scene to detect and investigate crime and violations of law, protect and preserve life and property and enforce applicable laws and ordinances.
• Initiates contact with: reporting parties; criminal violators and suspects; victims and witnesses; and other persons as required or appropriate. Based upon probable cause, approaches, detains and takes custody of suspects; makes arrests; restrains and subdues suspects, as necessary and appropriate. Gathers information through interview and interrogation techniques. Records information and prepares interview notes and case reports. Searches people and property, as necessary and appropriate; collects and preserves evidence.
• Performs traffic accident investigations and performs traffic enforcement activities during routine patrol, directed patrol and speed enforcement activities. Gathers and evaluates information and evidence from motorists and witnesses at the scene. Prepares accident reports. Issues summonses, as necessary. Requests medical assistance and provides first aid for injured persons, if required.
• Gathers information, prepares and submits reports in conformance with established policy and procedures through the use of a personal computer. Prepares and issues citations to violators of the law or appropriate ordinances. Checks reports and citations for legal sufficiency, completeness, correct spelling, grammar and construction.
• Through thoughtful and knowledgeable questioning, determines customer needs and the information or service to satisfy those need(s). Customers include, but are not limited to: the general public, including crime victims, witnesses, suspects; other city employees and department staff. Takes an appropriate course of action and provides other city staff members; employees of other law enforcement agencies; probation, parole and jail employees; employees of the district attorney's office; employees of the department of motor vehicles; employees of ambulance companies and emergency medical treatment clinics with the necessary information.
• Identifies and preserves crime scenes, as necessary, by photographing the scene, searching for clues, preserving evidence for later use and arresting criminal violators. Assists, coordinates and cooperates with other law enforcement officers and agencies; provides, obtains or coordinates information for crime-solving purposes.
• Provides testimony in municipal, county and district court regarding police cases, including observations made, statements taken and evidence collected during a specific crime. Prepares for and provides courtroom testimony as necessary in the prosecution of persons accused of criminal activity and violations of the law or ordinances.
• Operates an assigned police vehicle under normal and emergency driving circumstances, as authorized and in accordance with established department procedures and state law.



• Requires a high school diploma or equivalent; and
• Requires completion of a minimum of 60 semester hours of college-level course work or 90 quarter hours of college-level course work from an accredited institution, with grades of "C" or above or 4 years of military service with honorable discharge; and
• Requires completion of an approved basic law enforcement training program course and current State of Colorado POST certification. Out of State applicants must obtain a current Colorado POST Provisional certification prior to being eligible for hire (for more information about provisional certifications, visit: www.colorado.gov/pacific/post/provisional-certification); and
• Requires the attainment of at least age of 21 years on the date of appointment to the position and no record of felony convictions; and
• Requires possession of a valid Colorado driver's license appropriate for the type of vehicle to be operated and the ability to safely and effectively operate assigned vehicle(s); requires a qualifying driver's history as prescribed by state law and the Personnel Policies and Procedures of the city.

• In addition to the requirements listed above for entry level, the lateral police officer candidate must also have a minimum of three (3) years of service as a full-time commissioned police officer, excluding part-time, military, detention or reserve police officer, within the six-month period preceding the date of application for a lateral entry position.