Police Officer – Non Certified – Sponsorship

Fort Myers FL
Fort Myers Police Department

Fort Myers FL Police Recruiting

Salary: $52,873.60 Annually


Candidates who are hired by the agency to attend the Southwest Florida Public Service Academy will be paid at the non-certified police officer rate of $25.42/hour. Upon successful completion of the police academy and state exam, the candidates pay will reflect that of a certified police officer rate of $28.85/hour and will advance annually according to the IUPA union contract.

Individuals who desire to enter a basic recruit training program for law enforcement must first pass a basic abilities test. This test was adopted by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission pursuant to Section 943.17, F.S., and further detailed in F.A.C. 11 B-35.0011 (1 ). The basic abilities test is sometimes referred to as BAT or CJBAT, which are the same. There are separate tests for corrections and law enforcement. The test cannot be taken more than three times per discipline during any 12-month period. The test is administered only within the state of Florida. Information regarding the content of the test is available through Pearson VUE at https://home.pearsonvue.com/fdle/bat.

As of July 1, 2022, section 943.17(1)(g) states that any candidate wishing to enter a law enforcement academy that either (i) is a veteran as classified in section 1.01(14), F.S., or (ii) holds an associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university is not required to take the Law Enforcement Basic Abilities Test. Please note that veteran is defined as being honorably discharged from military service. No other discharge classifications qualify. Please note that this does not apply to candidates wishing to enter a corrections academy.

** Candidate must be proficient in the English language, both verbally and written **

Responsible for the protection of the public through the enforcement of State laws and City ordinances. This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

New hires may be eligible for several state benefits under Florida House Bill 3 – These state benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • RECRUITMENT BONUS: A one-time Florida Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus of up to $5,000
    Terms and eligibility can be found under FSS 445.08
  • SIGN-ON BONUS: A $5,000 sign on bonus will be awarded to successful applicants. The sign-on incentive bonus is required to be repaid to the city in full, should the candidate leave employment of the city – voluntarily OR involuntarily – within 2 years of the candidates’ original hire date.
  • HOUSING STIPEND: $500.00 monthly stipend to be paid to sworn FMPD officers who’s physically occupied, primary residence is located within the Fort Myers City Limits. Contact HR for details
  • SPONSORSHIP: The City of Fort Myers is offering sponsorship through the Southwest Florida Public Service Academy to eligible candidates. The city will pay tuition costs for the full law enforcement academy or equivalency of training course.

Perks and Benefits

  • Free city-paid employee health coverage, additional for spouse or family
  • 3 weeks Paid Time Off (sick & vacation)
  • 13 paid holidays
  • Pension plan & optional Deferred Compensation
  • City-paid life insurance
  • Optional Vision, Dental, and Disability Insurance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • On-site Gym facility
  • And much more!


FLSA Status: Non-Exempt Safety Sensitive: YES Level II Screening: NO

Responsible for the protection of the public through the enforcement of State laws and City ordinances. This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

Responsibilities and Reporting During an Emergency Situation:

Essential Employees may be required to work during a declared emergency. Depending on the nature of the emergency, this may require working around the clock for several days on short notice.

Non Essential Employees will not be required to work during a declared emergency. The employee’s Department Head will determine when the employee will be required to work.


  • Answer complaints, investigate accidents, make arrests, conduct preliminary investigations, conduct citizen and business contacts, participate in stakeouts and patrol assigned areas.
  • Testify in court, as needed.
  • Prepare daily reports, booking reports, vehicle inventory reports, and accident reports, as required.
  • May be assigned to other duties involving special training.
  • This position requires regular and reliable attendance and the employee’s physical presence at the workplace
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Thorough knowledge of applicable laws, state statutes and ordinances.
  • Ability to speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective internal/external working relationships.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in writing.
  • Ability to operate necessary equipment, including vehicle, computer, radio, and firearm.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Mandatory Drug/Alcohol Testing required.
  • Must possess a valid Florida Driver’s License with an acceptable driving record.
  • Must be a United States Citizen
  • Must be a Florida Certified Law Enforcement Officer
  • Must be 20 years of age
  • Must meet the driving requirements as defined in the City of Fort Myers driving policy
  • Must not have received a dishonorable discharge from any of the United States Armed Forces. Additional restrictions apply to no contest pleas in criminal cases.
  • Must not have been convicted of any felony
  • Must not have been convicted of a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement
  • Must not have been convicted of any act of domestic violence
  • Never have been charged or convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude
  • Must meet restrictive drug standard
  • Must pass physical fitness assessment
  • Must submit to a complete background investigation including fingerprint check, polygraph, and psychological evaluation and found to be of good character
  • Have fingerprints on file with the department after the completion of the initial interview
  • Submit an affidavit attesting to the compliance of the above standards
  • Must meet requirements of periodic in-service training and weaponry qualifications.


  • Associate’s Degree from an accredited college or university preferred.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

This work typically requires the following physical activities to be performed.

  • Balancing – maintain equilibrium to prevent falling while walking, standing, or crouching.
  • Climbing – ascending, descending ladders, stairs, ramps, requires body agility.
  • Crawling – moving about on hands, knees, or hands, feet.
  • Crouching – bending body forward by bending leg, spine.
  • Feeling – perceiving attributes of objects by touch with skin, fingertips.
  • Fingering – picking, pinching, typing, working with fingers rather than hand.
  • Grasping – applying pressure to object with fingers, palm.
  • Handling – picking, holding, or working with whole hand.
  • Hearing 1 – perceiving sounds at normal speaking levels, receive information.
  • Pushing – use upper extremities to press against objects with force, or thrust forward, downward, outward.
  • Reaching – extending hands or arms in any direction.
  • Repetitive Motion – substantial movements of wrists, hands, fingers.
  • Speaking – expressing ideas with spoken word, convey detailed, important instructions accurately, concisely.
  • Standing – for sustained periods of time.
  • Stooping – bending body downward, forward at waist, with full motion of lower extremities and back.
  • Talking 1- expressing ideas by spoken word
  • Talking 2 – shouting to be heard above ambient noise.
  • Visual Acuity 1 – prepare, analyze data, transcribing, computer terminal, extensive reading.
  • Hearing 2 – receive detailed information, make discrimination in sound.
  • Kneeling – bending legs at knee to come to rest at knees.
  • Lifting – raising objects from lower to higher position, moving objects side to side, using upper extremities, back.
  • Mental Acuity – ability to make rational decisions through sound logic, deductive reasoning.
  • Pulling – use upper extremities to exert force, haul or tug.
  • Visual Acuity 2 – color, depth perception, field of vision.
  • Visual Acuity 3 – determine accuracy, neatness, observe facilities/structures.
  • Visual Acuity 4 – operate motor vehicles/heavy equipment.
  • Visual Acuity 5 – close acuity for inspection of small defects, machines, use measurement devices, or fabricate parts.
  • Walking – on foot to accomplish tasks, long distances, or site to site.

Work performed is primarily:

  • Heavy work: Exerting up to 100 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of force constantly to move objects


  • Contact with internal and external customers, vendors, outside agencies and the general public.
  • Occasionally exposed to adverse weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain and potentially dangerous environments.
  • Occasionally exposed to odors, diseases, chemicals, and excessive noise.
  • May be required to work hours other than the regular schedule including nights, weekends, and holidays.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform the essential job functions satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the primary job functions described herein. Since every duty associated with this position may not be described herein, employees may be required to perform duties not specifically spelled out in the job description, but which may be reasonably considered to be incidental in the performing of their duties just as though they were actually written out in this job description.