Police Officer Entry/Lateral

Fort Bragg, CA
City of Fort Bragg


The City of Fort Bragg Invites Applications
Police Officer Entry/Lateral


$32.45 – 43.45 per hour


The Fort Bragg Police Department is committed to provide excellence in police service to all segments of our Community. Acting under the tenet of Respect and Dignity for all, we strive to impact and improve the quality of life for families, the business community and visitors. We work in partnership with all segments of our community so that, together, we achieve a better standard of life by which our residents can live in an environment without the fear of crime.


Under general supervision, to perform law enforcement and crime prevention work; to control traffic flow and enforce federal, state, county and city ordinances, codes and laws; enforce traffic laws and regulations; perform Community Oriented Policing; investigate crimes and promote peace within the community they serve; and to complete other duties as required.


  • Patrols designated areas of the city on assigned shifts.
  • Answers calls for the protections of life and property, and the enforcement of federal, state, county, and city laws, ordinances and codes.
  • Stops operators of vehicles who violate the law; warns and advises operators of vehicles against unlawful practices and issues citations when applicable.
  • Makes observations of suspicious acts and unsafe conditions and arrests violators of the law.
  • Regulates vehicle flow at times of emergency or congestion or during special events.
  • Conducts surveys within Beat Health areas and completes Community Oriented Policing assignments as required; works with the community in an effort to resolve and assist with concerns and complaints.
  • Gives information and directions to the public.
  • Writes and serves search warrants, Ramey warrants, arrest warrants and other warrants as issued by the court; testifies and prepares cases for court adjudication.
  • Administers first aid and CPR as required.
  • Prepares reports for crimes committed, arrests made, investigations conducted, unusual incidents requiring documentation and other reports as required to complete normal job requirements.
  • Receives, searches, books, fingerprints, and transports prisoners.
  • Performs foot patrol, security checks of buildings and businesses and other security functions within the city.
  • Conducts investigations and processing of evidence at crime and accident scenes; collects and preserves all evidence, property and other related duties as required; completes follow-up investigations of crime reports taken or reported.
  • Continually maintains contact with citizens regarding potential law enforcement problems and preserves good relationships with the general public.
  • Performs animal regulation tasks as assigned.
  • Keeps in good physical condition in order to overcome resistive and combative suspects by using approved use of force guidelines.
  • Continually qualifies and trains in the areas of use of force, firearms qualifications, defensive tactics, crowd control techniques, baton usage, domestic violence and other required mandatory training.
  • Keeps current on all federal, state and local laws and case decisions as well as the City of Fort Bragg Police Department Policies and Procedures.


  • Be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship, except as provided in Section 2267 of the Vehicle Code.
  • Be at least 20 and half years of age at time of employment application.
  • Be fingerprinted for purposes of search of local, state, and national fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record.
  • Be of good moral character, as determined by a thorough background investigation.
  • Be a high school graduate, pass the General Education Development Test indicating high school graduation level, or have attained a two-year or four-year degree from a college or university accredited by the Western Association of Colleges and Universities; provided that this subdivision shall not apply to any public officer or employee who was employed, prior to the effective date of the amendment of this section made at the 1971 Regular Session of the Legislature, in any position declared by law prior to the effective date of such amendment to be peace officer
  • Be found to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition which might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer. Physical condition shall be evaluated by a licensed physician and surgeon. Emotional and mental condition shall be evaluated by a licensed physician and surgeon or by a licensed psychologist who has a doctoral degree in psychology and at least five years of postgraduate experience in the diagnosis and treatment of emotional and mental disorders.
  • Excellent physical condition; free from any disqualifying conditions cited in the document “Medical Screening Manual for California Law Enforcement,” published by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.
  • Achievement of “acceptable” rating in the City psychological evaluation.
  • Vision: Both eyes together must be corrected to 20/20.
  • Possession of a valid Class C or higher California Driver’s license; good driving record.
  • Graduate of POST approved Basic Academy at time of appointment.


  • Possession of an Associate of Arts or Sciences Degree or higher educational achievement.
  • Completion of a typing or keyboarding course, or able to complete such a course within one year.
  • Some experience in the use of computer hardware/software.
  • Possession of a Advanced First Aid Certificate, including CPR.
  • Possession of a POST Basic or Intermediate Certificate
  • Employment with another department submitting as a Lateral or employment as a Police Recruit with the City of Fort Bragg.