Police Officer

Port Huron, MI
Port Huron Police Department

To perform responsible law enforcement which includes but not limited to the enforcement of laws and ordinances, prevention, detection and investigations of crime and delinquency. The apprehension of violators, the recovery of property, preservation of order and related police functions


Climb over obstacles; climb through openings; jump down from elevated surfaces; jump over obstacles, ditches and streams; and crawl in confined areas to pursue, search, investigate and/or rescue.
Conduct searches of buildings and large outdoor areas which may involve walking and/or standing for long periods of time.
Enter and exit vehicles quickly to perform rescue operations, pursue a suspect or answer an emergency call.
Operate an emergency vehicle; during the day and night; in emergency and pursuit situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits, while exercising due care and caution; and, in congested traffic, unsafe road conditions, and environmental conditions such as fog, smoke, rain, ice and snow.
Load, aim, and fire handguns, shotguns, and other agency-specific firearms from a variety of body positions in situations that justify the use of deadly force while maintaining emotional control under extreme stress.
Identify wanted persons and vehicles; and, locate stolen property and identify potential evidence, which requires the ability to distinguish color and perceive shapes.
Perform law enforcement patrol functions while working rotating shifts and unanticipated overtime.
Perform tasks which require lifting, carrying, or dragging people or heavy objects while performing arrest, rescue, or general patrol functions.
Perform searches of persons which involve touching and feeling to detect potential weapons and contraband.
Pursue fleeing suspects on foot both day and night in unfamiliar terrain.



 Some knowledge of applicable federal, state, local laws, codes and ordinances.
 Basic knowledge of modern law enforcement practices, principles and techniques.
 Basic understanding of the relationship and interaction between the law, department rules, regulations, policies and procedures within the framework of collective bargaining agreements and applicable labor law standards.
 Political sensitivity to the department=s role in government and society as a whole.
 Basic knowledge of police skills to properly manage the affairs and responsibilities of the classification.
 The ability to display and exercise a positive and cooperative demeanor towards citizens, fellow employees and other representatives of the criminal justice system, as well as to the policies of the department and the City of Port Huron.
 Adaptability to change and progress.
 Loyal and faithful to the mission and ethical ideals of the department.
 Ability to research problems and to verbally present or write clear, concise, understandable, grammatically correct reports.
 Basic ability to handle crisis situations as they arise.
 Ability to make quick, effective and rational decisions based on aptitude to quickly assimilate information and analyze situations.


 High school graduation or GED equivalent and an Associate=s Degree is preferred.
 Completion of state accredited or in-house training academy or pre-service employment qualification from M.C.O.L.E.S. is required.
 Considerable training in self-defense, crowd control, radar usage, precision driving, legal updates, first aid and other law enforcement training is preferred.

• Must be 18 years of age.
• A United States citizen.
• No felony convictions.
• Must be able to obtain a valid Michigan operator’s license with an excellent driving record.
• Must be MCOLES certified or certifiable.
• Must be able to successfully complete an extensive oral interview(s), as well as, a pre-employment physical, drug screen, hearing test and psychological evaluation.