Police Officer

Orange Beach, AL
Orange Beach Police Department

Rate of Pay: $24.00 – $33.17

Job Summary
Under general direction the officer patrols designated section of the city on foot or in automobile and responds to complaints. Serves warrants and subpoenas and testifies in court. Conducts preliminary investigations and makes arrests. Provide traffic control and assistance and performs other police-related duties when required. Respond to medical emergencies as required.

Essential Job Functions

  • Assists fire department, EMS, ambulance service, state troopers and other law enforcement agencies on calls within the city.
  • Escorts local merchants to the bank when requested.
  • Makes security checks on residential and commercial properties within the city.
  • Responds to medical emergencies as needed.
  • Operates radio in accordance with FCC and departmental regulations and procedures.
  • Patrols designated section of the city on foot or in automobile; alternates route and backtracks frequently in order to be at locations least expected.
  • Observes activities and looks for any situation that does not appear normal for the area, time of day, weather conditions, etc.
  • Enforces all city, state and federal laws.


  • Possess a valid Driver’s License
  • Willing to work overtime, non-standard hours, weekends and holidays.
  • Willing to travel to attend schools, transport prisoners and appear court.
  • Willing to comply with following standards: clean, neat uniform with appropriate weapon or other gear.
  • Willing to attend schools for additional training.