Police Officer

Broken Arrow, OK
City of Broken Arrow

$58,422.54 Annually

1/31/2023 11:59 PM Central

Job Description

This position provides law enforcement and public safety services to the public, enforces federal and state laws and local ordinances; maintains order and protects life and property; conducts criminal investigations; performs other public safety-related duties.

*This position performs duties deemed to be “safety-sensitive” and is therefore subjected to random drug testing under the City’s policies*

Essential Job Functions

  • Patrol assigned districts in a motor vehicle, on foot, or using other methods of transportation, check businesses, stores, homes and other premises for criminal violations, suspicious persons or conditions, fire or other disturbances
  • Apprehend, interview, and make arrests for violations of federal and state laws and local ordinances; escort prisoners to appropriate holding facilities; register and book prisoners, prepare record of arrest and submit detailed reports of investigation made
  • Respond to citizen complaints; control and, when needed, disperse crowds; cooperate with and assist other law enforcement officers, jurisdictions, and agencies
  • Enforce traffic and parking regulations, direct traffic, investigate traffic accidents and obtain information incidental to the event; observe traffic hazards and submit recommendations for their correction; administer first aid in emergency situations
  • Maintain a positive and effective relationship with community groups through periodic meetings, working with social agencies and groups
  • Prepare and maintain field notes; prepare and submit administrative reports, emergency orders of detention; search warrants, and similar legal documents; testify at administrative and court hearings
  • Assist supervisors as required and may act as a supervisor in their absence
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete periodic trainee courses and instructional meetings to develop and maintain skills in the use, care, and safe operation of firearms, motor vehicles, techniques in self-defense, life-saving, and criminal law updates
  • Make initial and supplementary investigations of crimes in areas such as personal violence, theft, stolen vehicles, missing persons, lost children, and runaways; participate in undercover investigations of narcotics, gambling, vice, civil and criminal disturbances
  • Collect physical evidence and performs crime scene investigation, take photographs, and perform surveillance of persons and places
  • Perform other related work as required

Minimum Education and Experience

  • Must be between the ages of 21 and 45 years of age, unless otherwise meets eligibility requirements under the Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System.
  •  Must have at least 64 hours of college credit from an accredited college or university or must have at least 32 hours of college credit from an accredited college or university AND at least three years of full-time active-duty military service with any branch of the US Military with an honorable discharge.
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude, nor have more than 3 moving traffic violations in the past 5 years, nor have in excess of one at fault accident and two moving traffic violations in the past 5 years, nor been convicted of operating or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of or impaired by alcohol or drugs (i.e. D.U.I., D.W.I., A.P.C., etc), nor been convicted of careless or reckless driving in the past 7 years.
  • Must have no convictions of a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” Must undergo an evaluation similar to the Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory or its equivalent.
  • Subsequent to a tentative job offer, must submit to and satisfactorily pass a medical examination as allowed by and/or required by federal and state statutes, including a preemployment drug screen.
  • Must attend and satisfactorily complete, within one year of initial employment, the requirements of the Basic Police Academy as required under Oklahoma Statute 70 O.S., Section 3311 (Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training), the Broken Arrow Police Department In-Service Orientation Training, and the Field Training Officer Programs.
  • Must have no convictions of a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence”

Physical Requirements

Tasks involve the ability to demonstrate physical strength and dexterity in the use of hands and feet, ability to sit for long periods at a time, ability to walk and stand on a regular basis, sometimes for long periods at a time, ability to safety and effectively operate a motor vehicle, ability to safely, accurately and effectively discharge a firearm in the line of duty.  Must possess the physical strength and stamina to chase and subdue fleeting persons and rescue victims.  Occasionally lifts, pushes, and/or moves objects of more than 150 pounds.  Visual acuity must be correctable to 20/20 and vision must be free of color deficiencies that would preclude one from performing the essential job functions or would pose a direct threat to the health and safety of oneself or others; requires ability for close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus.  Requires the ability to stand, walk, sit, lift/carry, push/pull, climb stairs, balance, stoop, and kneel.  Requires repeated bending, crawling, reaching, twisting, and finger movement.   Ability for rapid mental/muscular coordination simultaneously, oral communication, and hearing/conversation.    Must be able to meet the physical fitness entrance standards prescribed by the City.


  • Knowledge of municipal police operations
  • Knowledge of the criminal justice system
  • Knowledge of the tools, equipment and technology used in law enforcement activities
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of municipal law enforcement equipment
  • Skill in the operation of a patrol vehicle
  • Skill in the utilization of firearms and other law enforcement equipment
  • Must have the ability to effectively communicate verbally, transmit information via the radio, talk to victims, suspects, etc. and in writing; and deal effectively and courteously with the public and fellow employees; must be able to observe situations analytically and objectively and record them clearly and completely; must be able to react quickly and calmly in emergencies
  • Must possess the visual acuity to identify suspects, detect danger, read licenses and tags; possess the aural acuity to understand conversations in quiet and noisy environments, understand radio transmissions, distinguish between car backfires and gun shots, and determine the location of persons in distress
  • Ability to operate small office equipment, including copy machines or multi-line telephone systems.
  • Ability to operate computers for data entry, word processing and/or report purposes.

GUIDELINES: Guidelines include state statues, local codes and ordinances, the City’s policy handbook, department rules and regulations, court procedures, and local, state and federal law. These guidelines require judgment, selection and interpretation in application.

COMPLEXITY: The work consists of varied law enforcement duties. The necessity of responding to dangerous people and situations contributes to the complexity of the position.

SCOPE AND EFFECT: The purpose of this position is to perform law enforcement duties. Success in this position results in the efficient enforcement of local, state and federal laws.

PERSONAL CONTACTS: Contacts are typically with co-workers, members of the general public, suspects, students, educators and representatives of the court system.

PURPOSE OF CONTACTS: Contacts are typically to give or exchange information, to resolve problems, to motivate or influence persons, and to provide services.

WORK ENVIRONMENT:Police Officers work in the Police Station but primarily in the field, consisting of the city limits of Broken Arrow and surrounding areas. Officers will operate out of a patrol car or on a motorcycle and are exposed to extreme conditions of weather, loud noise, dirt, mud, insects, dust and grass.Police Officers must be prepared for the possibility of bodily attacks and physical harm while making an arrest.  Police Officers will work rotating shifts, weekends, holidays and will be subject to extended hours, call back and having to testify at court on regular days off.