Patrol Officer

Navasota, TX
Navasota Police Department

Position Summary:

Protects the city’s residents and property and enforces laws and ordinances. Duties include patrolling an assigned area, generally by vehicle, and responding to emergency calls and routine complaints, taking appropriate action.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols an assigned area, by vehicle or by foot, to prevent crimes and enforce laws and ordinances;
  • Responds to emergency calls and routine complaints and disturbances, including domestic disputes and burglar alarms, and takes necessary action when necessary;
  • Directs and escorts traffic, operates traffic radar monitoring equipment, issues traffic citations, and investigates traffic accidents;
  • Questions witnesses, complainants, and suspects, and takes statements;
  • Serves warrants and makes arrests;
  • Keeps records of activities and makes reports concerning crimes, complaints, accidents, and investigations;
  • Appears in court as required;
  • Shares information and works with other law enforcement agencies as directed and appropriate;
  • Conducts security checks of businesses and residential areas on patrol route;
  • Responds to animal control calls;
  • Assists in criminal investigations, including sexual assault, child abuse, narcotic, and homicide cases;
  • Tags and logs in evidence;
  • Maintains on-call status and works overtime as necessary;
  • Specializes in traffic, suspect apprehension, directed patrol, or other areas as assigned;
  • Occasionally relieves Communications Operator as necessary.


  • High school diploma or its equivalent (GED), graduation from a state-approved police academy with a current valid TCOLE license, or the ability to obtain a TCOLE license, (college course work in criminal justice desirable);
  • Not have been convicted, placed on probation, or ordered community supervision by a court of a class B misdemeanor or higher in the last ten years;
  • Not have been convicted of family violence;
  • Not ever have been convicted of an offense Class A Misdemeanor or above;
  • Have not been discharged from any branch of military service for less than honorable conditions.
  • Basic Certification by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE); or possesses acceptable training to meet minimum standards for initial licensure as outlined in the current Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Texas Administrative Code 217.1 and appropriate Texas driver’s license.