Deputy Sheriff

Goldsboro, NC
Wayne County Sheriff

Salary: $41,869.98 Annually.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols an assigned area of the County, inspects troublesome areas and checks security of business establishments; answered complaint calls and assists in investigating crimes and disturbances; interviews witnesses, gathers evidence, interrogates suspects and makes arrests.
  • Located and arrest individuals wanted for criminal activity; serves legal papers such as summons, warrants, commitment papers, civil papers and special court orders; uses directories and other means to located designated parties; briefly explains the meaning of papers and makes arrests when necessary.
  • Assists with traffic control when required.
  • Interviews complainants/victims, suspects, witnesses and other person who may have information related to crimes or suspects criminal activities.
  • Gathers and labels physical evidence, dusts for and lifts fingerprints, photographs and diagrams crime scenes. Processes physical evidence. Insures proper chain of custody during collection and submission to the evidence room technician and/or State Crime lab and retrieval for presentation in court.
  • Prepares/submits detailed investigation and arrests reports; submits prosecution case files for the District Attorney’s Office, attend court proceedings and presents evidence and testimony in District Court, Superior Court, and the Grand Jury.
  • Prepares, maintains and review activities reports, arrest records. Completes and submits supplemental/follow-up reports to supervisor.
  • Transports prisoners and other subjects based on court orders and warrants.
  • Establishes a liaison with school principals, faculty and students; prevent juvenile delinquency through close contact with students in the public schools; responds and assists school faculty with serious incidents occurring at campuses of all public schools; remains highly visible at the public schools to deter criminal activity. When trained, will be accompanied by specially trained canine and respond to calls to crime scenes to initiate searches with canine for suspects in buildings, open area or any other area required, utilizes the canine to search for lost/ missing persons and to located controlled substances.
  • Maintains readiness and proficiency of assigned canine through various formal and informal training and exercises; attends various public or promotional events to demonstrate use of canine; provide total care for canine at employee’s home and obtain veterinary care as necessary.
  • Maintains security of the courthouse.
  • Cooperates with law enforcement officers of other governmental units in investigations and arrests.