Deputy Sheriff – $7,500.00 NEW HIRE BONUS

Jackson, CA
Amador County Sheriff's Office

Salary: $68,078.40 – $91,124.80 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision, to perform law enforcement and crime prevention work by patrolling assigned areas and answering calls and complaints; to serve as bailiff during court proceedings; to investigate incidents and perform identification work; to serve as deputy coroner; and to do related work as required.

This is a fully trained journey level classification for the performance of professional law enforcement work. Incumbents perform a wide range of law enforcement assignments. While an incumbent may be assigned to a specific area of law enforcement, he/she must be capable of performing assignments in other areas.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols assigned areas and answers calls for protection of life and property.
  • Conducts preliminary investigations.
  • Interrogates witnesses.
  • Gathers evidence and takes statements in connection with suspected criminal activities.
  • Substantiates findings of fact in court.
  • Serves warrants/civil papers and makes arrests.
  • Investigates accidents.
  • Assists and cooperates with other law enforcement agencies, responding to incidents, conducting investigations and making arrests.
  • Dispatches law enforcement personnel.
  • May guard prisoners while they are on work details.
  • May transport mental health clients.
  • May be assigned to assist with fingerprinting or fingerprint classification work.
  • Takes pictures or makes sketches at crime scenes.
  • Lifts latent prints and takes plaster casts at crime scenes.
  • Searches files for information.
  • May develop photographs.
  • Keeps firearms and other equipment in good working condition.
  • Prepares detailed reports of all activities and incidents.
  • Functions as a Deputy Coroner.
  • May be assigned to facilitate communications with other law enforcement agencies.
  • May perform assigned shift responsibilities at the jail and function as a booking officer.
  • May perform staff administrative duties such as training, background investigations, crime prevention, public relations, and school liaison work.
  • May be assigned to conduct follow-up, in-depth investigations for the preparation of charges in criminal cases.
  • May secure search warrants and criminal complaints, preparing detailed reports.
  • May make public speaking engagements at schools, fairs, official meetings and service clubs, serving as a Department spokesperson.
  • May function as an undercover officer to conduct in-depth investigations for the detection and prevention of the sale of narcotics and the arrest of drug offenders.


  • Previous experience in law enforcement work is highly desirable.
  • Completion of sufficient education and other background to meet P.O.S.T. certification requirements is mandatory.
  • Completion of advanced educational training in criminology, criminal justice, and law enforcement is desirable.