Correction Officer

Dartmouth, MA
Bristol County Sheriff's Office

Salary: ($55,454.36 – $68,113.50).

Position Summary:

Correction Officer shall follow the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office chain of command and work under the supervision of the assigned sergeant and/or respective zone lieutenant.

Directly works with the assistant superintendents/ads of the ash street jail and the dartmouth jail and corrections to assure security for all inmate related programs and services. In this position, he/she shall ensure direct contact between inmates and him/herself. In supervision of staff, he/she maintains that staff under his/her maintain care and custody of inmates detained in housing units, and assists other officers in providing support through effective observation and communication.

Essential Functions:

  • Responsible for the supervision of staff in performing post assignments within the respective correctional facility, ensuring areas of responsibility are maintained in a clean, secure and sanitary manner.
  • Shall be responsible for observing the daily activities of all inmates/detainees committed to the custody of the bristol county sheriff’s office.
  • Shall initiate and direct searching of various sections of the respective units for contraband in accord with b.c.s.o procedures.
  • Shall directly communicate with other officers assigned to the same unit rotation about unit climate issues, maintenance requests, inmate unit worker assignments, activity schedules, release or other pertinent problems.
  • Shall prepare incident reports confirming unusual happenings, by recording a chronology of the incidents and actions taken to followup and resolve the events.
  • Shall be familiar with and assure compliance with all emergency contingency plans, including but not limited to emergency code responses, inmate disorder, medical and fire emergency plans and evacuation procedures.
  • Shall assign inmates/detainees to, and supervise inmates/detainees in unit work assignments assuring that the unit is maintained in a clean, safe and secure manner.
  • When required, shall assist in the secure transport of inmate/detainees to courts, hospitals and other correctional institutions of the commonwealth.
  • Shall assist and perform any other duties as assigned by the sergeant, lieutenant and/or respective facility watch commander or other superior officer.


  • Valid Driver’s License.
  • High School Diploma or GED.
  • Birth Certificate or Certificate of Naturalization.