Entry level and Lateral Police Officer

Fitchburg, WI
Fitchburg Police Department

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Salary: $64,428.00 Annually

About Fitchburg –This is Us!
The City of Fitchburg Police Department is seeking individuals interested in becoming a part of an organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the diverse and growing City of Fitchburg. Situated between our state’s capital and rural farmland, the geography of Fitchburg is as diverse as the people we serve.

The City of Fitchburg’s location, diversity and its many other assets affords a great deal of opportunity for those interested in a career in community-oriented policing. Community-orientated policing has long served as the foundation for our department and community engagement remains a top priority.

The Opportunity
New officers will have the ability to participate in all aspects of police work, from community engagement and problem-solving, to criminal investigations and traffic enforcement. With an authorized sworn-staff strength of 52 officers, our department allows new officers to develop, and experienced officers to grow further, in a more connected work environment. Following completion of a probationary period, new officers become eligible to apply for specialized-positions including: K9 Handler, Evidence Technician, Honor Guard, Motorcycle Officer, S.E.T. (Special Events Team), Tactics Instructors and more.

The Ideal Candidate
Ideal candidates will be self-motivated, conscientious individuals, ready for a unique and challenging career who are able to think critically, solve problems and effectively communicate with a wide array of individuals. Prior law enforcement experience is not required, however the department welcomes experienced officers as part of our lateral-transfer program. Selected candidates who are not already certified law-enforcement officers or are not certifiable as a law enforcement officer in the State of Wisconsin will be sponsored through a 720-hour law enforcement academy.

The Hiring Process
All applicants will be provided the opportunity to share their relevant professional and life experience as it relates to the position of police officer via written essay. Applications will be scored and ranked based on essay responses, educational background, prior law enforcement experience, veteran status and other qualifications. A select number of applicants will be invited to participate in a panel interview. Invitations for an interview with the Chief of Police will be extended following the panel interviews.

Selected applicants will undergo a full-background investigation and must complete an eight-hour ride-along with a field-training officer. Applicants must also pass a drug-screen, medical evaluation and psychological assessment. Applicants who are not certified law enforcement officers or certifiable as a law enforcement officer must also pass the State of Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Physical Readiness Test prior to beginning the law enforcement academy.

Bilingual Incentive Pay
The City of Fitchburg recognizes the value of employees who can communicate with residents and customers in languages other than English and offers incentive pay of $0.50 for all hours paid to employees who are fluent in one or more of the eligible languages of Spanish, Hmong, and American Sign Language.

Lateral Transfer Program
Recognizing recruiting issues and valuing the experience of veteran officers, the department recently added a lateral transfer program. Applicants with sworn law-enforcement experience, whether in Wisconsin or from another state are eligible to begin at up to the ten- year step based on:

  • Years of full-time law enforcement service
  • Certification(s)
  • Agency size
  • Specialized training and assignments
  • Other job related factors that would help the officer be successful in our agency

Once hired, lateral transfer officers from out of state will have 12 months to successfully complete the State of Wisconsin Reciprocity Exam. Laterals may receive pay as high as $83,889 annually along with a higher vacation and sick leave balance.


Police Officer Responsibilities:

  • Observe, detect, and apprehend violators of traffic and other laws.
  • Observe and take appropriate actions regarding physical hazards and illegal criminal activities.
  • Respond to emergency calls and assists fire and EMS services as necessary.
  • Conduct investigations of incidents occurring on the shift.
  • Determine appropriate action to be taken at each incident.
  • Complete a written report of all activities during a shift.
  • Complete State of Wisconsin forms when required for an incident.
  • Complete departmental forms, logs, and summaries related to the processing of evidence.
  • After reviewing reports, make necessary referrals to Dane County Social Services, Juvenile Reception, the District Attorney’s Office, and private organizations.
  • Review necessary reports and documentation of incidents.
  • Provide testimony concerning each incident.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

Supervisory Requirements:

  • None

Education and/or Experience Requirements:

  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalency.
  • Associate degree in police science, sociology or related field preferred. A new officer without a two-year associate degree or sixty credits from an accredited college at the time of hire must meet this requirement within five (5) years of hire.
  • Must meet the minimum requirements as established by the Law Enforcement Standards Board.
  • Previous experience dealing with the general public preferred.

Licenses, Certifications, etc.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must possess a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License.

Special Requirements

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to identify and analyze problems, evaluate alternative solutions and make sound judgments.
  • Ability to move quickly and forcefully in response to unexpected situations.
  • Ability to maneuver and work in a variety of ground conditions.
  • Ability to operate patrol vehicles in emergency mode.
  • Ability to get in and out of a patrol car on a frequent basis.
  • Ability to successfully pass a physical skills and agility test at the time of graduation from the Police Academy.
  • Possess the finger and arm dexterity and the strength necessary to safely operate a firearm.
  • Knowledge and experience in the utilization technical equipment including computers, cameras, and radar units.
  • Proficiency in word processing/typing.
  • Ability to render credible testimony in a court of law.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with a variety of people including co-workers, other professionals, appointed and elected officials, and the general public.

In evaluating candidates for this position, the City may consider a combination of education, training, and experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential duties of this position.

Physical Demands:
Moderate Work: Exerting 76-100 lbs seldom. Exerting 31-75 lbs occasionally, and/or 0-30 lbs frequently. Requires walking or standing to a significant degree, or requires sitting some of the time but entails pushing and/or pulling of arm or leg controls, or requires working at a production rate pace entailing the constant pushing and/or pulling of materials even though the weight of those materials is negligible.

Work Environment:
Inside: Protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes. Inside work 60% (includes time spent in patrol vehicle) of the time and outside work 40% of the time. Environmental conditions: occasionally exposed to hazards or risk of bodily injury. Occasionally exposed to heat and cold extremes and temperature changes; seldom exposed to loud noises; occasionally exposed to moderate noise; seldom exposed to vibration, toxic conditions, odors, dust, and poor ventilation. Seldom exposed to hazards or risk of bodily injury.

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