Police Officer

Kaw City, OK
Kaw Nation


Candidates must have a valid Driver License. BIA and/or CLEET Law Enforcement Certification preferred. Each officer should possess good communication skills and be in good physical condition. Weekend and nights required. Officers can not have a criminal background.


  • Patrol Kaw Nation land, investigate, enforce, and cite or arrest violators of CFR, Tribal Law, and State and Federal laws and refer to proper authorities.
  • Makes assigned, periodic inspections and patrols of buildings and property.
  • Performs duties assigned by patrol checklist including an examination of all doors, windows, and gates and reports any irregularities to the Police Supervisor.
  • Prepare complete and accurate reports with all of the facts.
  • Report any fire, theft, or other dangerous or irregular occurrences to his/her supervisor.
  • Record and report description(s) of person(s), license tag(s), and automobile(s) of unauthorized person(s) on property.
  • Record and submit an accurate log sheet at the end of the each shift, which in addition to regular duties and irregular occurrences, records temperature and weather conditions.
  • Testify in Tribal, Federal, and State courts when necessary.
  • Serve court documents such as arrests warrants, search warrants, summons, subpoenas, and civil papers.
  • Responds to request(s) for assistance on land under tribal jurisdiction.
  • Provide back-up services when requested to Newkirk City Police and Kay County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Perform any other responsibilities related to Tribal Police as assigned by the immediate/controlling supervisor.

All new hires will be required by the Kaw Nation to submit to a pre employment drug screen and background check. Failure to pass the drug screen or the background check will lead to withdrawal of the job offer or termination of employment