Detention Officer (Certified or Non- Certified)

Greenville, GA
Meriwether County Sheriff

Position Summary:

Under General Supervision of the shift supervisor, a person in this position ensures security and protects property of the facility, completes the admission process of inmates, prevents escapes, controls behavior of inmates and protects inmates from each other. The incumbent must be diligent in maintaining an inmate count, prompt in dispensing medicine and be able to take personal property of inmates. The incumbent must also adhere to definite procedures established by the department to ensure that the inmate’s constitutional rights are observed. A person in this position does not supervise officers.

Essential Functions:

  • Admission: Completes the admission forms of inmates being booked into the jail.
  • Searches incoming inmates and records personal property taken.
  • Fingerprints and photographs the inmates to establish identification.
  • Determines if medical care is necessary.
  • Explains to the inmate rules and regulations and prepares the inmate for population.


  • High School Diploma or General Education certificate (from an accredited entity).
  • A valid vehicle operator license.
  • Must complete the Basic Jail Certification Course when scheduled within 6 months of employment.