Police Officer

Racine, WI
Racine Police Department

Salary: $68,868.80 – $84,240.00 Annually.

Closing Date: 7/31/2024.

Position Summary:

In accordance with Local Ordinances, State Statutes, Federal Law and established departmental policies, procedures, and guidelines, performs a wide variety of police and law enforcement activities that include an element of personal danger and exposure to adverse conditions. Duties are primarily service oriented and include dispensing information, arbitrating disputes, providing assistance through referrals, property protection, crime prevention and investigation, apprehending criminals, directing traffic, and other public safety services.

Essential Functions:

  • Maintain continuous preventative patrol in assigned area of the City, patrolling residential and/or business areas for detection of violators, initiating contacts with both business operators and residents, and maintaining open communications within the community.
  • Respond immediately to calls for police service, attempt to resolve domestic disputes, disturbances and other incidents through counseling, referral or other peaceful means, settle disputes among neighbors, juveniles or other groups, and resolve any and all complaints from citizens of the community.
  • Maintain the peace and security of the community, respond to public disturbances, and maintain civil obedience at group functions.
  • Render miscellaneous police services such as providing information and/or assistance to the public, informing citizens of available services in the community, promoting crime prevention through community and educational programs, making presentations to public and local organizations concerning crime prevention and related police matters, locating and reporting fires and fire hazards, defective water or gas mains, sidewalk and highway defects or obstructions and defective street lights, and checking licenses and permits as necessary.
  • Provide for the safe and convenient flow of traffic and pedestrians within the City, investigate traffic accidents and enforces traffic violations, conduct driver intoxication investigations, and promote vehicular and pedestrian safety.
  • Conduct preliminary investigations of crimes, protect crime scenes, perform surveillance, and conduct follow-up investigations.
  • Enforce laws and ordinances within assigned area of duty, make felony and misdemeanor arrests, and issue appearance notices and traffic citations.
  • Complete and submit written reports, forms and other documents as required prior to going off-duty unless otherwise directed by a superior officer.
  • Testify in criminal and civil court proceedings and give depositions.
  • Maintain a consistent and reliable attendance.


  • Valid Wisconsin Driver’s License or eligible to be licensed in the State of Wisconsin.
  • Be citizens of the United States.
  • Be at least 21 years of age at time of graduation from the Police Academy.
  • A minimum of 60 fully accredited college level credits within 5 years of the date of hire pursuant to LES 2.01(1)(e) – If candidate has obtained a minimum of 60 fully accredited college level credits, official transcripts must be submitted to Human Resources.