Sheriff’s Deputy – Certified

Bernalillo, NM
Sandoval County Sheriff

Salary: $52,000.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under basic supervision, serves and protects citizens and property, and preserves the peace in Sandoval County through the patrolling of assigned areas, monitoring traffic, impartial enforcement of laws, detaining and interviewing violators, apprehension of suspects, service of civil process, court security and responding to calls for assistance for the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO); and performs other duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:

  • Enforces local, state and Federal laws, according to SCSO policies, procedures and regulations; resolves community problems and public safety issues using sound judgment and operational experience; completes daily logs and activity reports; duties may vary according to job assignment.
  • Patrols assigned areas, monitors traffic and maintains visibility and presence in the community; looks for illegal, hazardous and suspicious activities and persons; provides back-up assistance, scene security and protection for regional emergency services personnel.
  • Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service; investigates criminal and civil complaints and incidents; interrogates and communicates with victims, witnesses and suspects in cases; secures and documents crime scene and property; identifies and collects evidence.
  • Arrests law violators and criminal suspects; transports and processes prisoners; serves arrest, search and civil warrants, and other court documents.
  • Conducts traffic stops, and investigates traffic accidents and criminal violations; assists motorists, victims and witnesses, and investigates public safety incidents.
  • May be assigned to special patrol, enforcement, security, intervention, and investigative teams.
  • Reviews crime data to identify trends and patterns of criminal activity.
  • Represents the SCSO at court and case hearings; prepares reports and materials requested and subpoenaed by the courts; and testifies in court cases.
  • Works with citizens to identify and improve neighborhood problems and enforcement issues.
  • Maintains patrol vehicles, uniforms and equipment in clean and effective operating order.
  • Attends mandatory law enforcement knowledge and skills training classes and courses as required to maintain certification, or as related to current assignment.
  • Assists and interacts with other Sheriff’s personnel, County departments, outside organizations and businesses, and Federal, state and local law enforcement organizations in order to accomplish tasks.


  • Citizen of the United States (NM 4-41-10).
  • Age twenty-one (21) at the time of Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • High School Diploma/GED Certificate.
  • Completion of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy or equivalent law enforcement training.
  • Valid New Mexico Driver’s License.
  • Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer from the New Mexico Department of Public Safety; OR
  • Certification by Waiver. Applicants with law enforcement certification issued outside the State of New Mexico or by service in the military must submit a Part I Application and be approved for certification by waiver by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy and demonstrate the minimum hours of basic and/or advanced level training as set forth by the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board. Applicants must present a letter from the New Mexico Law enforcement Academy verifying that the out of state curriculum meets Certification by Waiver standards and eligibility.
  • Must pass a comprehensive background investigation.
  • Certified Deputy may be required to pass a psychological examination.
  • Deputy Certifiable by Waiver must pass a comprehensive psychological examination and a comprehensive medical examination, which includes drug and alcohol testing.
  • Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Test required.