Police Recruit

Wheat Ridge, CO
City of Wheat Ridge

Salary: $62,000.00 Annually
Job Type: Regular Full-Time
Job Number: 2021-00078
Closing: 2/28/2022 11:59 PM Mountain


Academy Class: July 2022

City of Wheat Ridge Police Department Core Values

We will maintain integrity in all our actions.
We will treat citizens and co-workers with respect.
We will demonstrate courage to do what is right.
We will persevere in the face of adversity.
We will take the initiative to serve and protect.

As an officer with the Wheat Ridge Police Department, we will pay to have you attend the best police recruit academy in the state of Colorado. The academy’s training covers a wide range of topics and skills necessary to become a successful law enforcement officer which include learning: the law and criminal procedures; communication and de-escalation skills; patrol tactics and crime scene investigation skills; community policing and problem solving; traffic investigations and use of force tactics as well as skills such as firearms, arrest control and driving.

As a patrol officer you will handle incidents involving crime, traffic and quality of life issues helping to make Wheat Ridge a safe community in which to live, work and play. After gaining three years of experience, you can qualify to test for specialty teams such as SWAT, Crime Prevention, Crash and Traffic, or to become a detective assigned to Vice Intelligence, the drug task force or the auto theft task force.

Wheat Ridge PD prides itself on its philosophy of community policing which means working with the law abiding community building relationships with residents and businesses owners. Whether conducting a traffic stop or responding to the scene of a crime, you’ll work as part of a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide professional law enforcement services to keep the Wheat Ridge community safe. Join a nationally recognized and accredited Police Department and make a difference in the lives of others!

The City’s centralized location provides short commutes to major interstate highways, the majestic Rocky Mountains, and the amenities of the large metropolitan City of Denver, Colorado. Our community encompasses 9.5 square miles and is home to more than 31,000 citizens.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The primary expectation of an incumbent assigned to this position is too attend and successfully complete the assigned, departmentally approved police academy. May perform various non-sworn police related functions within the department while waiting for academy commencement.

Minimum Training and Experience Required to Perform Essential Job Functions
Knowledge – Ability to develop working knowledge of Federal, State and local statutes and ordinances; develop working knowledge of proper law enforcement principles, procedures and practices; develop working knowledge of first aid and medical procedures and practices.

Skills – Ability to develop skill in the use of law enforcement vehicles, firearms, related law enforcement equipment, and principles and practices of self-defense.

Abilities – Remain calm in stressful situations; apply logical thinking in determining a proper course of action in a minimum amount of time; make sound decisions and take appropriate action; follow written and verbal instructions; perform a high level of sustained physical activity; communicate clearly and concisely verbally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships; interact and deal effectively with people from varying social and cultural backgrounds; exercise compassion and empathy for persons; share information and work cooperatively with others; follow orders; accept advice and constructive criticism in a positive manner; assert self when necessary; maintain composure and perform effectively in stressful situations; exercise restraint and use the minimum amount of force necessary to handle a given situation; adapt to changes in working; apply appropriate safety precautions in hazardous and potentially dangerous situations.

Two (2) years (60 semester or 90 quarter hours) of college credits from an accredited college or university – Must attach “unofficial” transcript to application

~~AND/OR~~ At least four (4) years of active duty military service and honorable discharge – Must attach DD-214 to application. Serving in the Reserves, without being deployed will not satisfy this requirement.

Note: If you attach your “unofficial” transcript(s,) you will be expected to provide your “official” transcripts prior to your file be submitted to the background investigator OR a copy of DD-214 showing you have at least four (4) years of active military services if you served in the military and attended college, please attach both your DD-214 and your transcript(s).

Your education credits/time served MUST be clearly shown on your transcript/DD-214.

Supplemental Information
Must be at least 21 years of age; possess a current and valid Colorado driver’s license or ability to obtain within thirty (30) days from date of hire. The candidate must have demonstrated a good driving record over the last two years. The candidate must have possessed a valid, non-suspended license over the two year time frame. Any major violation within the last two years shall be disqualified. Lesser violations and accidents shall be evaluated on a case by case basis with preference given to those candidates with better driving records. Any person with any felony conviction shall not be hired as a police officer. Misdemeanor convictions which demonstrate a lack of integrity or offenses involving moral turpitude may also be reason for disqualification.

State of Colorado P.O.S.T. Requirements – Any person having any convictions for first and/or second degree misdemeanors during the past five years cannot be P.O.S.T. certified. Any person who has any conviction for domestic violence cannot be P.O.S.T. certified.