Police Officer/Recruit

Grapevine, TX
Grapevine Police Department

10/1/2022 5:00 PM Central

Job Summary
Police Officer
Provides crime prevention and law enforcement responsibilities for the conduct of routine patrols, preliminary, criminal, and specialized investigations, and traffic control duties in a designated area during an assigned shift.
This position will normally work on a probationary status for one year from date of swearing in with the City of Grapevine Police Department.

Police Recruit 
This position is a temporary status for new employees while they:
• Attend and satisfactorily complete the Basic Course in Applied Police Science (BCAPS, basic police academy), and
• Acquire a Texas Peace Officer’s License by taking and passing the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) licensing exam.
After passing the academy and the TCOLE test, the employee will be promoted to the Police Officer position and will normally work on a probationary status while in the academy and for one year after swearing in date with the City of Grapevine Police Department.

One of the following criteria for education and experience is required:
• High School Diploma or GED plus 2 years active military service with an honorable discharge, or
• High School Diploma or GED plus be a licensed Peace Officer from another state or qualifying federal officer (see TCOLE requirements), in good standing, with 2 years full-time continuous employment post academy and within 4 years of application, or
• High School Diploma or GED plus a Peace Officer License from the State of Texas (TCOLE) with an Honorable Discharge (if applicable), or
• 30 college hours from an accredited institution prior to the hire date. (Accredited institution is a college or university accredited through one of the six accreditors of the Higher Learning Commission.)

In addition to one of the education and experience criteria, applicants must:

1. Be at least 21 years of age or older
2. Have or be eligible to obtain a valid Texas driver’s license by hire date.
Employees who are designated to drive a commercial motor vehicle in a non-emergency situation must have and maintain a CDL driver’s license.
3. Pass a full background investigation, polygraph exam, and psychological exam.
4. Pass a pre-employment basic physical, drug screen, functional assessment screening (Level 1), Titmus vision screening, Ishihara vision screening, and smell test.