Police Officer Recruit

Pocatello, ID
Pocatello Police Department

A Police Officer Recruit performs tasks at a training level to prepare to become a certified Police Officer. The job includes participation in formal, structured training at a police academy and participation in training classes arranged by in-service trainers. Work methods and results are under constant review by supervisory personnel through observation, discussion and results achieved. Upon successful completion of the training period, as determined by the Police Chief, a Police Officer Recruit may be appointed to the class of Police Officer.

A Police Officer Recruit receives training to enforce state and local laws and ordinances, respond to calls for the protection of life and property, conduct criminal and non-criminal investigations, make arrests and perform other assigned law enforcement and public safety duties to preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe community environment. Duties normally consist of patrol and traffic activities in the City on an assigned shift with constant supervision.

Open Until: May 4, 2020 at 11:59 PM MST
Rate of Pay: 40P – $22.68


Patrols assigned areas of the City; enforces federal, state and local laws and ordinances. Maintains
community presence; responds to calls related to the protection of life and property, traffic incidents and
other public safety emergencies. Responds to calls that may include domestic violence, burglaries, juvenile
disturbances, civil disturbances, health and welfare assistance, animal problems, civil protection, medical
and fire calls, bomb threats, hazardous material spills and other public and life safety incidents. Determines
the existence of probable cause and identifies and takes suspects and offenders into physical custody or
refers charges for review and prosecution. Issues warnings and citations; performs appropriate field tests
as needed.

Prepares reports of arrests, activities performed and unusual incidents observed. Conducts both
preliminary and follow-up investigations and collects evidence in disturbances, criminal incidents, hazardous
incidents, vehicle accidents and deaths. Verbally interacts with witnesses and victims, suspects and
offenders to obtain information. Conducts examinations of persons, vehicles, premises or areas to
determine the presence of individuals or illegal activities or articles. Takes suspect or offender into custody
and delivers them to appropriate confinement locations, maintaining security and safety of individuals.
Coordinates and conducts detailed investigations of violent crimes, child abuse, property crimes, vice,
gaming and narcotics violations.

Identifies and implements safety emergency plans, evacuation plans and emergency drills. Assists medical
personnel and outside agencies with investigations. Interacts with citizens in the community. Interacts with
persons who are mentally ill and places them into protective custody when appropriate.
Develops and maintains ongoing partnerships and relationships with police officers, citizens, schools and
school personnel and various community organizations.

Performs other duties as assigned. Nothing in this job description restricts management's right to assign or
reassign duties and responsibilities to this position at any time.


The job requires a high school diploma or GED and the ability to meet department and POST physical and psychological requirements and pass a written examination and extensive background investigation. The job also requires successful completion of the department’s 16 week Field Training Officer program within one (1) year of employment. The job requires the ability to maintain a collaborative and cooperative working relationship with elected and appointed officials, other City employees, other organizations, and the general public.

Must be 21 years of age
No drug use in the last 3 years