Police Officer – Entry Level

Renton, WA
Renton Police Department

The Renton Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency with 163 personnel, comprised of 129 commissioned officers and 34 non-commissioned. It is our mission, through collaboration, to provide professional and unbiased law enforcement services to our community. Our officers work diligently, in partnership with the public, to protect life and property, the suppression of crime, apprehension of criminals and enforcement of laws. We fulfill our commitment to the community with pride, while adhering to our core values of: Integrity, Service, Valor and Professionalism.

Perform general duty police work involving the protection of life and property; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; prevention and investigation of crimes and maintenance of order, on an assigned shift, in a patrol car, on a motorcycle or bicycle, or on foot.

Base Salary: $68,861 to $97,932 Annually


• Respond to emergency and routine dispatched calls as directed.
• Patrol the City on an assigned shift in a police vehicle or on foot; patrol business and residential districts occasionally on foot to provide an element of safety by obvious visibility; look for crimes or potential crimes in progress.
• Answers calls and complaints involving criminal and noncriminal activities, fires, traffic collisions, domestic situations, disturbances and takes appropriate police action.
• Administers emergency first aid to injured or incapacitated persons as required.
• Stop traffic violators, identify suspicious individuals and take appropriate action; apprehend violators or offenders of the law, sometimes involving a substantial element of personal danger and use of physical force.
• Tactfully diffuse verbal or physical confrontations.
• Utilize and maintain a variety of specialized equipment such as firearms, police vehicles, radios, batons, handcuffs, pepper spray, electrical control devices, breath testing equipment and others according to established procedures; maintain proficiency in driving and the use of firearms.
• Search for lost or wanted persons.
• Direct traffic when required.
• Determine when a lawful search or arrest can or should be attempted; determine when physical force should be used on an individual and the extent of such force as governed by department General Orders.
• Develop knowledge about known offenders and correlate reported offenses; recover lost or stolen property; prepare affidavits and search warrants; interview witnesses and suspects; use other investigative aids.
• Appear in court to present evidence and to testify against persons accused of crimes.
• Write police and other related reports.
• Provide assistance and direct citizens to appropriate resources as necessary.
• Engage the public in non-enforcement activities.
• Take direction from a police supervisor.
• Participate in training programs as required.
• Remain current with relevant technological advancements as it relates to assignment.


• Any combination equivalent to: graduation from a standard high school, vocational school or equivalency.
• Ability to read and write the English language
• United States citizen or a lawful permanent resident
• Good physical condition
• Not less than 21 years of age at the time of examination
• Ability to pass entrance examination successfully and meet the minimum medical and health standards adopted by the Civil Service Commission
• Valid Washington State driver's license by date of hire
• Stringent personal background investigation; polygraph examination, psychological evaluation; and a medical physical, including a drug-screening test
• Must be able to pass the Washington State Criminal Justice Basic Law Enforcement Training Course.