Correctional Officer

Green Bay, WI
Brown County Sheriff

Salary: $28.00 Hourly.

Position Summary:

Performs work involving the care, safety, custody and detention of adults and juveniles in the Brown County Jail and if qualified, Juvenile Detention Center; provides a positive rehabilitative influence to all inmates; ensures inmate compliance with Jail rules and officer compliance with all applicable state and federal laws; and acts within the parameters of the Brown County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center policies and procedures.

Essential Functions:

  • Provide effective and efficient inmate care during assigned shift and pod location.
  • Respond to and intervene as necessary to a variety of emergencies within the facility, such as officer distress, inmate medical issues or disturbances.
  • If justified, use proper force to control inmates that are not compliant with staff orders.
  • Use communication and de-escalation techniques when appropriate to help prevent disturbances, damage to the facility and assaults.
  • Effectively perform searches on individuals, cells and areas to prevent the introduction of contraband (weapons, drugs, etc.) into the facility.
  • Gather evidence; take crime scene photos, record statements of victims and witnesses in order to build criminal cases on incidents within the facility.
  • Perform rescue operations in the case of a fire emergency. These duties would include the following: donning SCBA; conducting searches in a smoke/fire filled environment to remove inmates from the area of danger and fire suppression with either extinguishers or hoses.
  • Obtain information from the public and prisoners for completion of forms, documents and records associated with the booking process.
  • Collect personal property including money; issues receipts and accounts for monies; itemizes and stores until inmate is released.
  • Perform accurate data input for the documentation of records within the jail.
    Review and enter court documentation into the system to ensure accurate information. Ability to follow up with the Courts / Court Officers on issues found in the court documentation.
  • Answer inquiries regarding departmental policies or regulations or refer inquiries to the proper department or official.
  • Obtain photos and fingerprints of incarcerated persons as directed by statutory requirements.
  • Maintain security and discipline in the Jail and Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Supervise the delivery of meals and issues cleaning materials and other supplies when necessary.
  • Maintain surveillance of all inmates within the Jail and Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Administer first aid and secure medical assistance for inmates when required.
  • Assign, supervise and inspect work of adult and juvenile inmates working within the facility and on outside duties.
  • Investigate illegal or criminal activities within the Jail and Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Supervise movement of inmates.
  • Distribute inmate medication and keep accurate records of such disbursements pursuant to the Jail Policy and Procedure Manual.
  • Conduct searches and daily inspections of living quarters.
  • Protect adult and juvenile inmates from peer intimidation and physical confrontations.
  • Conduct routine inspection and maintenance of Jail equipment.
  • Collect DNA samples from inmates as assigned.
  • Perform all other duties as directed by competent authority.


  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Must not have been convicted of any federal felony or of any offense which if committed in Wisconsin could be punished as a felony unless granted an absolute and unconditional pardon.
  • Must not have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence as defined in 18 USC 921 (a)(33), or are convicted of domestic abuse, as defined in s. 968.075(1)(a), or the conviction is subject to the imposition of the domestic abuse surcharge under s. 973.055(1), regardless of whether any part of the surcharge is waived by the court under s. 973.055(4).
  • Jail Certification or ability to obtain Jail Certification within 1 year of employment.
    First Aid, A.E.D. and C.P.R. Certification or ability to obtain Certifications within 1 year of employment.