Police Officer Recruit

Greenville, SC
Greenville Police Department

Salary: $50,645.40 Annually.

Position Summary:
This is an entry-level recruit position intended for individuals without prior law enforcement experience. Recruits will remain in this position during the first probationary year of employment. Recruits will complete a 12-week training program through the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) including virtual, classroom, and hands-on training intended to provide the knowledge, skills, and the abilities to perform the duties of a certified law enforcement officer in the state of South Carolina. Upon completion of the training academy the recruit will be a certified Class 1 Law Enforcement Officer. Following the training academy, recruits will complete the Greenville Police Department’s (GPD) field training program as well as a month probationary internal training process.

The purpose of this position is to develop and prepare recruits for advancement to Police Officer I. To successfully complete the program, recruits must demonstrate proficiency and understanding in the following areas: federal, state, and local laws and ordinances as well as department rules and protocols; proper reporting and documentation procedures; officer safety; emergency vehicle operations; equipment and firearm care and use; and courtroom testimony procedures and legal processes. Failure to obtain Class 1 Law Enforcement Officer certification or demonstrate proficiency and understating in all areas at designated evaluation points will result in removal from the training program.
Essential Functions:

  • Obtain Class 1 Law Enforcement Officer Certification: Receive 6-8 weeks of training locally via the online SCCJA training program and pass a cumulative test on the material. Complete initial firearms training, taser certification, National Crime Information Center (NCIC) certification, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) National Incident Management System (NIMS) training, oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray certification, and driving orientation through GPD. Complete the SCCJA 8-week training program in Columbia, SC including both classroom and hands-on training.
  • Complete Department Field Training: Complete post-academy training through GPD to include rifle familiarization, body worn camera usage, electronic report writing (e.g., incident, collision, and citations), and patrol operations field training. Under immediate supervision of a Police Training Officer (PTO), become familiar with patrol zones as well as the various types of calls for service received throughout the city. Demonstrate the ability to establish control of incident scene, detain suspects, and provide for the safety of the public. Demonstrate the ability to group facts to properly investigate a problem as well as the ability to interpret information received from victims, witnesses, and suspects. Exhibit the ability to arrive at a proper solution based on intuition, reason, induction or deduction. Conform to department policy and procedures.
  • Patrol Assigned Areas: Accompanied by the FTO, independently patrol assigned areas and respond to call for service enforcing the laws of the State of South Carolina, municipal codes of the City of Greenville and federal laws as they apply. Apprehend and arrest suspects, using weapons and force when reasonable and necessary to protect lives and property, affect arrest, conduct lawful investigations, or restrain detained individuals to prevent personal injury to themselves or others. Obtain, verify, and execute arrest warrants. Conduct high-risk felony vehicle stops. Detain, search, arrest and handcuff persons, as required. Subdue and disarm resisting or attacking persons. Transport and handle prisoners. Prepare and submit appropriate documents. Appear in court (municipal, general sessions, and federal) and testify as required.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Experience in customer service, community service, social services, security/loss prevention, corrections, military experience, or comparable field.
  • Must attend and complete the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA) as well as department field training program within one year of hire.
  • Valid South Carolina Class D Driver’s License.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Associate or bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related field.