Police Officer II

Clemson, SC
Clemson Police Department

Salary: $43,258.00 – $48,596.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under regular supervision, patrols assigned area by foot or in patrol car, to provide protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Reports to a Police Lieutenant.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols streets and inspects doors and windows of business to detect suspicious persons, activities or conditions and to prevent or control illegal activities.
  • Performs patrol duties including, but not limited to, investigating and reporting accidents, crimes, suspicious actions or persons, dangerous or defective streets, sidewalks, traffic lights, street lights, or other hazardous conditions.
  • Responds to crime scene and collects and preserves evidence, questions witnesses, apprehends, arrests and transfers suspects to detention facility and complete necessary paperwork.
  • Conducts patrol activities including directing traffic, investigation of reported or observed violations of law, and conducting patrol activities.
  • Serves warrants, subpoenas, and other writs.
  • Provides directions and general assistance to the public.
  • Investigates complaints of traffic violations or criminal activity.
  • Enforces traffic safety regulations for pedestrians and motor vehicle operators and issues citations to violators.
  • Performs booking of arrestees, including but not limited to fingerprinting, photographing, completing paperwork, and securing personal property.
  • Performs booking of arrestees, including but not limited to fingerprinting, photographing, completing paperwork, and securing personal property.
  • Accompanies prisoners to court proceedings.
  • Transfers arrestees or other individuals to hospital as necessary.
  • Testifies in court proceedings.
  • Assists with, reports on, or investigates fires or accidents.
  • Assists other officers in the performance of their duties.
  • Assists Emergency Medical Services, Fire Department, and other departments and agencies as needed.
  • Prepares reports on all incidents and maintains records or logs of the same.
  • Informs merchants of vital information necessary to control incidents of vandalism, shoplifting and burglary.
  • Observes inmates in cells to assure prisoners’ well-being and adherence to regulations and rules.
  • Maintains identification record of incarcerated individuals.
  • Answers telephones and responds appropriately.
  • Receives and relays or records messages for department personnel.
  • Issues citations to violators of traffic laws.
  • Renders first aid to accident victims, victims of violence, or other ailing individuals.
  • Performs searches for missing persons, fugitives, or stolen property.
  • Provides safety and crime prevention information to public.
  • Works an assigned shift using own judgment in deciding course of action being expected to handle difficult and emergency situations without assistance.
  • Carries out duties in conformance with Federal, State, County, and City laws and ordinances.
  • Maintains normal availability by radio or telephone for consultation on major emergencies or precedent.
  • Patrols City streets, parks, commercial and residential areas to preserve the peace and enforce the law, control vehicular traffic prevent or detect and investigate misconduct involving misdemeanors, felonies and other law violations’ and to otherwise serve and protect.
  • Responds to emergency radio calls and investigates accidents, robberies, civil disturbances, domestic disputes, fights, drunkenness, missing children, prowlers, abuse of drugs, etc. Takes appropriate law enforcement action.
  • Interrogates suspects, witnesses and drivers. Preserves evidence. Arrests violators. Investigates and renders assistance at scene of vehicular accidents. Summons ambulances and other law enforcement vehicles. Takes measurements and draws diagrams of scene.
  • Conducts follow-up investigations of crimes committed during assigned shift. Seeks out and questions victim, witnesses and suspects. Develops leads and tips. Searches scene of crimes for clues. Analyzes and evaluates evidence and arrests offenders. Prepares cases for giving testimony and testifies in court proceedings.
  • Prepares a variety of reports and records including officer’s Daily Log, reports of investigation, field interrogation report, alcohol reports, influence reports, breathalyzer check list, bad check form, vehicle impoundment form, traffic hazard report, etc.
  • Participates in investigating criminal law violations occurring within the City limits, obtaining evidences and compiling information regarding these crimes, preparing cases for filing of charges, testifying in court, and related activities.
  • Delivers meals to prisoners.
  • Coordinates activities with other officers or other City departments as needed, exchanges information with officers in other law enforcement agencies, as needed.
  • Administers breathalyzer for department and surrounding agencies.
  • Operates a variety of equipment such as patrol car, firearms and firearms equipment, camera, radio, telephone, video recorder, forensic evidence equipment, breathalyzer machine, tape recorder, computer, fire extinguisher, copying machine, typewriter, fax machine, traffic control equipment, first aid equipment, etc.
  • Uses a variety of tools and supplies such as handcuffs, caution sign, ladder, map, protective clothing, ticket book, flashlight, Federal/State/local statute books, PR-24, manuals, forms, log books, charts, diagrams, reference books, etc.
  • Responsible for cleanliness and sanitation of dormitory and cells of detention rooms.
  • Maintains uniform and equipment.
  • May perform escort service for funerals.
  • Is required to fill in other positions within the department.
  • Performs other related duties as required.


  • Requires a high school graduate or GED equivalent and completion of Police Academy training; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Must possess, or be able to obtain by time of hire, a valid SC Driver’s License without record of suspension or revocation in any state.
  • Is able to meet Department’s physical standards.
  • Must have successfully completed basic law enforcement training and possess certification as law enforcement officer from SC Criminal Justice Academy.
  • Must successfully complete periodic training programs, both internal and external.