Police Officer – Exceptional Entry

Bonney Lake, WA
Bonney Lake Police Department

Salary: $82,649.04 – $101,642.88 Annually.

Position Summary:

Performs a variety of routine and complex general duty police work involving the protection of life and property; the enforcement of City, State and Federal laws, prevention and investigation of crimes and maintenance of order.

Works under the general supervision of a Bonney Lake Police Sergeant.

Essential Functions:

  • Maintains current knowledge of applicable Local, State, Federal laws, as well as the rules, regulations and policies of the Bonney Lake Police Department as set for by the Chief of Police.
  • Patrols the area(s) of the City of Bonney Lake to enforce laws, prevent crime, preserve peace and order, and provide public protection to ensure safety and security of individuals and property;
  • Initiates and/or responds to calls for service or the scene of any incident requiring police attention; Maintains public peace and order; submits all required reports in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Assists in resolving criminal, non criminal and civil issues up to and including but not limited to warnings, mediation, reports, and referral reports to outside agencies, infractions, citations or arrests.
  • Processes complaints, arrests offenders, conducts routine investigations; obtains search warrants, collects and preserve related evidence; interview victims, witnesses, and suspects; assures that all work is in accord with legal City, State and Federal guidelines, as well as the Bonney Lake Police Department Policies & Procedures, and accepted law enforcement practices.
  • Develops knowledge regarding streets, landmarks, local activities, known criminals, locations of frequent criminal or hazardous conduct or any other matter of police interest in the community; participates in crime prevention initiatives.
  • Responds to traffic collisions or other medical emergencies and renders necessary first aid/CPR until medically trained responders arrive.
  • Properly cares for all City issued equipment assigned by the City to assist in the performance of duties.
  • Performs traffic and crowd control functions as necessary; Facilitates traffic flow and safeguard against collisions.
  • Testifies in court proceedings when required by subpoena; Prepares for court testimony by ensuring any physical evidence is present upon request of the prosecuting attorney; Review reports; familiarizes self with the facts to be able to testify in a knowledgeable manner.
  • Uses force as necessary and in accordance with current departmental policy and procedures; protects self and others from physical harm.
  • Transports and books prisoners into detention facilities.
  • Reports to superior officer any hazardous conditions, equipment problems or matters of intelligence.
  • Arrives to work on time for duty hours, dressed in proper uniform, neat appearance, and physically fit for duty.
  • Signs, understands and is committed to the Oath of Office.
  • Reads, understands and maintains a current copy of the Police Department policy and procedures operations manual.


  • Current possession of a Washington State Peace Officer Certification.
  • Less than two (2) years’ experience as a fully commissioned law enforcement officer in the State of Washington, with no more than a 24 month break in service; and
  • Graduation from a standard high school, vocational school or equivalency.
  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License or ability to obtain one.
  • Ability to read and write the English language.
  • United States citizen, good physical condition, not less than 21 years of age at the time of examination.
  • Ability to pass entrance examination successfully and meet the minimum medical and health standards adopted by the Civil Service Commission.