Police Officer

Huntsville, TX
Huntsville Police Department

Salary: $27.36.

Closing Date: February 29, 2024.

Position Summary:

Qualified applicants must have attended and graduated a police academy and successfully passed the State of Texas Certification TCOLE test and be licensed as a Peace Officer in the State of Texas. The Police Officer serves the needs of the community by supporting the protection of life and property, prevention of crimes, apprehension of criminals, and enforcement of laws by patrolling an assigned beat on foot, bicycle or in a radio equipped patrol car, responding to calls for assistance, conducting criminal investigations, and performing special assignments at the discretion of the supervisor.

Essential Functions:

  • Initiates communication between victim, and accused with the department.
  • Completes all necessary reports in a timely manner.
  • Communicates with dispatch as to daily activity.
  • Enforces traffic and parking regulations; directs traffic, and enforces speed regulations with the use of radar equipment.
  • Inspects business and homes for security insufficiencies.
  • Inspects taverns, business establishments and other places for signs of criminal activity.
  • Investigates narcotic violations.
  • Contributes to the daily operations of the department by attending shift briefings at the start of duty tour; and communicating with other department personnel regarding cases and previous daily activities.
  • Frequents businesses, addresses citizens, various city organizations and various aged pupils, all the while promoting the department’s community relations programs.
  • Endorse and promote the Healthy Communities/Problem Solving/Community Oriented Policing philosophy within our organization and community.
  • Conducts or coordinates investigative activities at crime scenes.
  • Preserves the scene for integrity purposes.
  • Conducts initial interviews of victims, witnesses, and/or suspects.
  • Identifies, collects, and evaluates evidence.
  • Records the scene for both investigative and prosecutorial purposes.
  • Transports and records all physical evidence into safekeeping; safeguarding the chain of evidence.


  • High School diploma or equivalent.
  • Must meet all Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and local ordinance requirements.