Police Officer – Certified

Ocala, FL
Ocala Police Department

Salary: $48,695.00 – $81,689.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Protects lives and property of the citizens of Ocala. This is accomplished by aggressively patrolling high crime areas, formulating plans of action to combat criminal activity with the assistance of the citizens. Reports to the Squad Sergeant.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols an assigned area to establish a presence, reduce opportunities for crime, detect criminal activity and render service to the public. Listens to the car radio to receive messages and remains aware of surrounding activities on an assigned shift. Investigates trouble spots in high crime areas and in an assigned patrol area. Remains alert and observant in order to detect anything unusual within the patrol area. Drives patrol car at a high rate of speed in response to emergency or enforcement of situations according to departmental policy. Recognizes and enforces traffic laws proactively to ensure safe vehicular movement. Patrols an assigned area in a patrol car and on foot. Confronts suspects or suspicious persons and takes enforcement action as deemed appropriate. Proceeds to crime scene, accidents, or incidents based on radio message received. Reads maps or follows directions to get to an address or location which requires assistance. Responsible for patrolling assigned area in a “community policing” manner which consists of knowing assigned zone, its geography and trouble spots and knowing the merchants and people. Conducts preliminary investigations. Conducts interviews and interrogations. Locates and questions witnesses and potential witnesses when investigating crimes. Determines whether there is probable cause for arrest. Handles crowd control at parades, street events, crime scenes, accident scenes and incidents. Directs traffic using hand signals.
  • Writes accident reports. Writes and types up reports in a narrative form, describing activities, events, investigations, and enforcement action taken. Completes short incident reports to record events and action taken. Prepares arrest warrants for suspects, presenting sufficient information to record the warrant. Writes application for search warrants, presenting sufficient information to gain legal approval to proceed. Makes field notes in notebook to document activities, conditions and other necessary information. Completes departmental forms to record time worked, overtime, and leave requests. Takes personal notes on assignments and information given by supervisors, and other information such as stolen vehicles and securities.
  • Talks to citizens while on routine patrol to answer their questions and to reflect interest in them and their community. Responds to citizen requests for police service or assistance. Deals with upset and angry people; attempts to calm them and explain procedures. Interacts with persons who have drug problems or alcohol problems. Talks to residents or merchants to establish a presence, identify problems and encourage cooperation. Communicates clearly and politely. Talks with various people in person or by telephone to receive complaints, answer questions or provide information. Notifies parents or guardians of juveniles involved in mischief or taken into custody.
  • Practices firearms skills on firing range in order to qualify with service weapon. Practices expandable baton skills and Defensive tacticks skills in order to qualify on an annual basis. Completes Taser certification on an annual basis. Practices driving skills on an annual basis. Attends classes, workshops and conferences on police procedures to update and improve skills. Reads court decisions and or changes in statutes, ordinances and legislation to stay informed of changes. Reads and interprets criminal law, operations orders, department policies and procedures.
  • Meets with attorney to provide case facts, discuss evidence, prepare for testimony. Gathers and organizes all records, reports and information needed for court presentation. Testifies in court regarding the facts of the case known first hand, evidence collected, notes and action taken.


  • High school diploma or G.E.D. Certificate of completion of Florida Police Standards.
  • Criminal Justice Standards and Training Certificate (within 90 days).
  • Florida Operators Driver’s License.
  • Residency Requirement: Resident of Marion County.