Police Officer Certified

Plantation, FL
Plantation Police Department

This is general police work in the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Police Officers perform work in accordance with the departmental rules and regulations and receive assignments and instructions from police personnel of higher rank.

All applicants must meet all requirements of the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission and those of the Plantation Police Department.

$58,822.40 Annually



To apply for the position of Police Officer (certified or non-certified) applicants MUST meet the following requirements:

1. Must be a U.S. citizen past the 21st birth date as of the date of application.

2. Currently possess, or be eligible to obtain, a Florida driver's license with an overall good driving record. No single suspension of driver's license within the past two (2) years and more than two (2) suspensions within the past five (5) year history (except if suspension was due to insurance error or clerk of court error).

Any of the following convictions or admissions may be grounds for disqualification from the hiring process:

*Leaving the scene of an accident (with or without injury)
*Failure to report an accident involving injuries
*Failure to render aid at an accident
*Vehicular homicide
*Fleeing or eluding a Police Officer
*Reckless driving
*Three (3) moving violations committed during any 12 month period within five (5) years of application date
*More than 2 license suspensions during a 5 year period
*Any more than 5 moving violations in past 5 years
*An applicant who shows a history of "at fault" accidents
*Any failure to disclose any Driver's License information without reasonable explanation

3. Associates Degree, or 60 semester hours (with minimum 2.0 GPA) or 90 quarter hours (with minimum 2.0 GPA) of college course work and/or an honorable discharge from service in the U.S. Armed Forces and/or related law enforcement work experience.

4. NEVER have been convicted of a felony or other crime, which would indicate a lack of good moral character.

5. If NOT Certified as a Police Officer with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement must possess a certification from another Federal or State Law Enforcement Agency. Candidates must provide state certification and academy curriculum. Candidates will be required to successfully pass the following tests given through Broward College Criminal Justice Institute or have done so with the listed time periods below:
• Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJ BAT Test) and achieve a passing score (within 4 years prior to application)
• Basic Motor Skills Test (within 6 months prior to application)
• Swim Test (no time limit)
6. If Certified as a Police Officer by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Candidates must provide a copy of their FDLE certification. Candidates are required to successfully pass the following skills tests or have done so within the time periods listed below:
• Basic Motor Skills Test (within 6 months prior to application)
• Swim Test (no time limit)