Police Officer

Sequim, WA
Sequim Police Department

Salary: $35.86 – $49.79 Hourly.

Position Summary:

A Police Officer’s primary responsibility is to maintain peace, safety and order and to protect life and property through impartial enforcement of federal, state and local laws. Under the direction of a Sergeant or command staff, the Police Officer is responsible for protecting lives and property within his/her jurisdiction. It is important for officers to maintain a high public profile in order to deter criminal behavior.

This is a non-supervisory position; however, he/she may be responsible for providing guidance, training and evaluation to new recruits and reserve police officers. A police officer will be required to work any days of the week including Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and will be subject to shift assignment and/or rotation. Civil Service rules of the City shall apply to the Police Officer.

Essential Functions:

  1. Operates a motor vehicle for extended periods of time in all environmental conditions and on occasion operates the vehicle at high speeds and in congested traffic situations.
  2. Patrols city limits from a patrol car or on foot or bicycle to monitor activity.
  3. Directs traffic in congested and emergency areas; reports safety hazards.
  4. Responds to scenes of collisions, investigates cause, and takes enforcement action.
  5. Responds to the scenes of crimes, traffic collisions and accidents, searching for and preserving evidence.
  6. Interviews victims, witnesses and potential suspects.
  7. Patrols and examines buildings and residences to detect suspicious conditions.
  8. Monitors and enforces traffic laws and safety ordinances within a prescribed jurisdiction.
  9. Issues criminal citations and infractions.
  10. Identifies and eliminates hazards to public safety.
  11. Detects and/or prevents criminal activities.
  12. Apprehends individuals suspected of unlawful activity, while observing constitutional and legal guidelines.
  13. Responds to calls for service and assistance from citizens.
  14. Conducts detailed investigations, identify and interview witnesses, victims and suspects, and gather information that pertains to suspected criminal activities.
  15. Records information related to daily patrol activities and prepares reports based on this information to aid in the prosecution of offenders.
  16. Prepares reports pertaining to arrests and investigations.
  17. Appears in court to testify as needed.
  18. Provides first aid as needed.
  19. Conducts light preventative maintenance on departmental equipment.
  20. May conduct follow-up investigations based upon reports and other data compiled by department personnel.


  • An applicant must be at least 21 years of age at time of appointment.
  • An Associate’s degree from an accredited academic institution is highly desired.
  • Attendance at and graduation from the Washington State Basic Police Academy is required by State law, however this will be covered as an employee of the City .
  • Must be able to pass Washington State standards for police officers, have the ability and willingness to maintain strict confidentiality, and be able to read, understand and interpret ordinances, laws, and other operating procedures and to communicate effectively orally and in writing.
  • CPR, AED and first aid certification, qualification in the use of firearms, and training in the use of specialized police equipment, such as radar and breathalyzer machines is required.
  • Maintaining a valid Washington State driver’s license throughout employment, along with proof of insurability is required.
  • Continued employment is contingent upon successful completion of the field training program and probation.