Police Officer

Venice, FL
Venice Police Department

Salary: $62,000.00 – $88,245.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Protects and serves the public. Patrols assigned zone to detect, prevent, and/or deter crime, maintain order, and enforce laws in the City.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols and performs duties in assigned area while driving a motor vehicle; exercising special care in emergency situations.
  • Responds to calls for assistance and interviews witnesses/other individuals regarding incidents to maintain order and resolve conflicts.
  • Monitors, receives and transmits information via radio, phone and/or computer.
  • Loads, unloads and discharges firearms during training and in situations that justify the use of deadly force following Department policy/procedure and statutory requirements.
  • Provides a wide range of information and services both verbally and in writing.
  • Reads and comprehends rules, regulations, policies, procedures and other documentation to ensure knowledge is acquired and retained regarding law enforcement activities.
  • Prepares legible, accurate, complete and timely reports, including sketches in handwritten or computer generated form.
  • Conducts physical searches of persons and locations to detect weapons, contraband and/or evidence.
  • Testifies in court or legal proceedings.
  • Initiates and assists in arresting adult and juvenile offenders when legal elements are met and when in accordance with Department policy/procedure.


  • A citizen of the United States.
  • Possess a valid Florida driver’s license or must obtain within thirty (30) days from date of hire.
  • Be a minimum of nineteen (19) years of age.
  • Successfully complete a polygraph.
  • Successfully pass a drug screening test.
  • Satisfactorily undergo a physical examination.
  • A veteran of an armed service of the United States, must have a minimum of a general discharge.