Police Officer

Cheney, KS
Cheney Police Department

Open until filled

Position Summary:

The primary responsibility of a police officer is to protect and serve the citizens of Cheney. This position provides citizen assistance, enforces all federal, state as well as local laws and performs patrol duties. Providing public assistance, making arrests, issuing traffic citations, investigating crimes as well as accidents and other related law enforcement activities are primary responsibilities of this position.

Essential Functions:

  • Enforces all federal, state and local laws and ordinances.
  • Protects the life and property of citizens in Cheney.
  • Apprehends and arrests persons involved in crimes or misconduct in a safe and constitutional method following established rules and regulations set by the state, department and courts.
  • Performs traffic control duties, issues traffic citations and investigates accidents.
  • Performs routine patrol duties of City streets, parks, commercial as well as residential areas and prepares reports.
  • Investigates crime scenes, seizes and preserves evidence.
  • Responds to emergency situations, performs CPR or First Aid and assists ambulance or fire crews as needed.
  • Develops leads and tips.
  • Responds to emergencies using own judgment in deciding course of action.
  • Operates and maintains law enforcement equipment including patrol vehicles, firearms and communication equipment.
  • Performs building checks.
  • Interviews witnesses, suspects and victims.
  • Serves warrants, subpoenas and other legal documents.
  • Testifies in court, obtains advice from the City Attorney, Court Administrator and Municipal Prosecutor regarding cases.
  • Coordinates activities and assists other law enforcement agencies.
  • Conducts safety programs for the public including DARE, traffic safety, crime prevention, community oriented policing, etc.
  • Maintains contact with police supervisors to provide general information regarding department activities.
  • Answers citizen complaints as well as investigating suspicious conditions and takes necessary corrective action.
  • Informs public on laws, ordinances and general information.


  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • No Felony convictions or disqualifying criminal history.
  • U.S. Citizen.
  • High School diploma or GED.
  • A technical degree or some college credit relating to law enforcement of criminal justice is preferred but not required.
  • This position requires certification from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and 40 hours of continuing education per KS-CPOST Rules and Regulations.