Lateral Police Officer

Tumwater, WA
Tumwater Police Department

Salary: $7,532.00 – $9,389.00 Monthly.

Position Summary:

Protects life and property through the enforcement of traffic, criminal and other State statutes, laws and City ordinances. Renders assistance to the public and investigates crimes for the purpose of detection, apprehension and prosecution.

Direct supervision is from a superior officer and works performed in accordance with well-established procedures, although individuals must exercise independent judgment in emergency situations. Supervision is not normally a function of this classification, but incumbents any act as a “coach” for reserve officers for newly hired police officers.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols areas of the City in a patrol car or on foot to deter and discover crime and enforce traffic and criminal statutes and laws; issues citations to violators and arrests persons on misdemeanor or felony charges; handcuffs and searches arrested persons and takes them into custody as warranted; books arrested persons in a correctional facility.
  • Responds to emergency requests for assistance or to crime-in-progress calls and takes initial action as the situation requires; secures the scene; administers first aid as necessary; interviews available victims and witnesses and gathers evidence; completes incident and arrest reports; arrests suspects for probable cases in felonies.
  • Conducts detailed investigations into one or more type of crimes, including fraud, theft, burglary, narcotics, gambling, homicide, sex offenses and similar crimes; interviews witnesses, suspects ad informants; analyzes and interprets data and evidence; performs stake outs and undercover operations, collects evidence; performs stake outs and undercover operations; collects evidence or stolen goods; processes and logs evidence into custody and sends evidence to crime lab for analysis if required; participates in criminal investigations conducted by other law enforcement agencies.
  • Obtains search and arrest warrants; serves summons and subpoenas.
  • Performs traffic enforcement duties; responds to and investigates vehicular accidents; summons emergency medical assistance as required; assists visitors by providing directions and other information; performs breathalyzer tests.
  • Prepares case reports, confers with the City or District Attorney; testifies in court.
  • Conducts security checks of homes and businesses.
  • Makes presentations regarding law enforcement activities and crime prevention programs to school or community groups.
  • Assists in training new police officers and reserve officers in basic patrol functions and related duties.
  • Performs other duties as required.


  • Graduation from high school or GED equivalent.
  • Must be able to pass, or have medical transcripts which demonstrate successful completion of a LEOFF II medical examination or any other standard physical examination as may be required by the City of Tumwater or the State of Washington.
  • Must be able to meet the requirements of the Rules and Regulations of the Civil Service Commission, which may encompass requirements regarding minimum age, education, physical strength and agility or other job related qualifications.
  • Must have been employed and successfully completed probation within the last 36 months prior to applications as a full-time, paid employee of a law enforcement agency.
  • Must have satisfactorily completed the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission basic law enforcement academy or its equivalent.
  • A valid Washington State driver’s license may be required.
  • Must have been employed as a full-time law enforcement officer in a civilian police agency or sheriff’s office with at least two (2) years of prior service.
  • All candidates must complete a background check, polygraph, psychological exam, and medical screening. Out-of-state candidates must complete a Washington State equivalency academy within one year of appointment.