Police Officer

Goodman, MS
Holmes Community College

Position Summary:

The Certified Campus Police Officer maintains order on the campus, enforces rules and regulations, is responsible for the security of buildings, enforces motor vehicle regulations, and enforces the general laws of the State of Mississippi. The Campus Police Officer works under the supervision of the Chief of Police or Sergeant and Vice President.

Essential Functions:

  1. Enforce laws, traffic regulations, escort people off campus (i.e. dismissed personnel, disruptive students); apprehend and arrest violators.
  2. Officers are required to be flexible to work based on the law enforcement needs of the college.
  3. Maturity and personality to enforce laws, rules, and regulations in a fair and professional manner.
  4. Overtime may be necessary for college functions and schedule.
  5. Maintain a professional law enforcement image at all times. Provide consistent law enforcement, dealing with each occurrence in the same professional manner and method.
  6. Patrol the campus by foot or by vehicle and answer calls to protect personnel, property, and facilities independently or with another.
  7. Provide security and crowd control for large gatherings such as sporting events, dances, concerts, campus activities, etc.
  8. Gather, process, and maintain integrity of evidence and interview witnesses; appear in court and testify as arresting or investigating officer.
  9. Protect students, faculty, staff, campus visitors, property and facilities from accidents, bodily harm, fire, theft, vandalism and illegal entry.
  10. Perform other related duties as required.


  • High school diploma/GED required.
  • Completion of a full time police academy training program.
  • Prior experience in law enforcement preferred.
  • Excellent references from previous employers
  • Commitment to the community college concept.
  • Completion of a full time police academy training program.