Entry Level Police Officer

Sumner, WA
Sumner Police Department

Salary: $6,048.00 – $7,738.00 Monthly

General Purpose:
Performs a variety of duties related to the suppression and prevention of crime, the protection on life and property and the preservation of the public peace; responsible for the enforcement of laws and for giving aid and information to citizens in the community.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Patrols designated areas of the City, either in whole or in part, during an assigned shift, to preserve law and order, to prevent and discover the commission of crime, and to enforce Federal, State, and City of Sumner laws and regulations;
  • Answers calls and complaints involving traffic accidents, domestic situations, robberies, and other misdemeanors, disturbances, and felonies; takes necessary police action;
  • Observes, reports, and acts on conditions conducive to crime and danger; checks buildings for security; observes residences, schools, sports fields, banks, and vacant areas; checks suspicious persons and vehicles;
  • Issues infractions and citations, makes arrests, transports persons taken into custody, or takes other action as appropriate under the circumstances;
  • Prepares all forms, reports, and follow-up reports necessary to file felony and/or misdemeanor charges;
  • Prepares criminal cases for prosecution with either the City or County Prosecutor; interacts with prosecutors, attorneys, and court officials; testifies in court as required;
  • Conducts preliminary investigations at the scenes of crimes and accidents; gathers evidence; locates and questions witnesses; testifies as a witness in court;
  • Patrols an area of the City as directed in a patrol vehicle, bicycle, or on foot; interviews witnesses and/or complaints; collects material evidence and performs crime scene work; performs surveillance; apprehends, interviews, and arrests suspects; prepares and submits reports; assists other jurisdictions and agencies; participates in undercover investigation of narcotics, gambling, vice, and other activities, violations and crimes; may be called on any time for emergency duties;
  • Conducts investigation assignments of suspected illegal activity or follow-up investigations of criminal cases. May also be called upon to conduct specialized investigations;
  • Collects and documents evidence and requests lab analysis as appropriate;