Police Officer

Mount Pleasant, MI
Mount Pleasant Police Department

The City of Mt. Pleasant is looking for dedicated certified Police Officers who have a positive attitude, and enjoy working in a stable community with strong funding to join our team. You will enjoy a work environment which values the contributions of individual team members, strives toward continuous improvement and has the desire to provide the highest quality law enforcement services for both residents and visitors of the City of Mt. Pleasant. We are looking for Police Officers who are natural problem-solvers, strong communicators, team-oriented, dedicated to the community and forward-thinking.

The 2022 hiring starting wage range is $26.17 per hour to $33.39 per hour, depending on qualifications and years of experience.


  • Patrols assigned streets and public and private properties utilizing various modes of transportation to prevent crime and to observe traffic for violations of traffic laws and ordinances, enforce parking violations, direct or reroute traffic, assist motorists and pedestrians, investigate causes and results of accidents, issue tickets or make arrests.
  • Responds to citizen complaints such as break-ins, robberies, domestic quarrels, assaults, excessive noise; assist complaints and conduct preliminary investigations by interviewing victims and witnesses, gathering evidence and preparing investigation report.
  • Follows up on preliminary investigation of routine complaints; sketches scenes of crimes or accidents, collects latent fingerprints, secures area for further investigation, and assists in the investigation of major or complex cases, such as arson, rape, suicide, or murder, and appears in court to testify on cases.
  • Assists in controlling large crowds and secures areas of fire control, accidents, and other activities and congested areas.
  • Assists in transporting inmates, takes finger prints, and prepares fingerprint cards; accompanies mentally ill persons in transit.
  • Searches crime suspects or arrested persons and seizes material evidence for investigation.