Lateral Police Officer

Toppenish, WA
Toppenish Police Department

Hiring Range: $5,533 – $6,667 Monthly (DOE – 2023 Rates)

General Summary

Provide law enforcement services to the City. May provide special security and law enforcement services to schools. Respond to calls for emergency assistance. Assist the public by providing police services, apprehending violators of the law, providing emergency medical aid, educating the public concerning crime/crime avoidance, travel/roadside assistance, jail administration, traffic enforcement, and neighborhood patrol. Participate in mandatory training. Create reports, assists in criminal investigations and provides special guidance to school administrators and students. May provide instruction to other officers. Reports to a sergeant.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities

  • Patrol assigned area ensuring a safe, secure, lawful and orderly environment.
  • Respond to requests for law enforcement and safety services.
  • Apprehend violators of the law.
  • Provide emergency medical aid as appropriate.
  • Prepare incident reports.
  • Make presentations to the public regarding laws and law enforcement issues.
  • Provide support to the jail and court system.
  • Participate in mandatory training.
  • Assist in incident investigations.

Job Requirements: Candidates must meet the following requirements prior to the examination date:

  • 21 years of age
  • High School Diploma or its equivalent
  • Valid Washington State driver’s license
  • Completed a state certified law enforcement academy
  • Maintained any mandated certification such as firearms qualification and first aid/CPR
  • Be a WSCJTC certified commissioned peace officer or eligible to attend the WSCJTC Basic Law Enforcement Equivalency Academy and currently meet the definition of a Lateral Police Officer as outlined in paragraph one of this notice.

To qualify as a Lateral Police Officer, the Lateral Police Candidate must be a Police Officer who is currently employed in full-time law enforcement service with a Washington State civilian law enforcement agency or equivalent and have received the Washington Criminal Justice Certification or equivalent or are in the process of successfully completing the Washington State Criminal Justice Academy; or a certified Police Officer in a State recognized by the Washington State Criminal Justice Commission; or who were employed in full-time law enforcement service with a Washington State civilian law enforcement agency or equivalent and who currently holds the Washington Criminal Justice Peace Officer’s Certification or equivalent and have not had a break in service of more than twenty-four
(24) months.