Police Officer

Sheboygan, WI
Sheboygan Police Department

A police officer under general supervision, works in partnership with the public, using the community-policing concept, to prevent criminal activity and provide day-to-day police services to the community. The police officer will impartially enforce the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the ordinances of the City of Sheboygan and will ensure all citizens are afforded their Constitutional Rights.

$57,287.72 – $75,640.15 Annually


  • Operate a law enforcement vehicle during emergency situations involving speeds in excess of posted limits, in congested traffic and on road conditions affected by fog, smoke, rain, ice or snow.
  • Exercise appropriate and independent decision making in determining when reasonable suspicion exists to detain, when probable cause exists to arrest and search and when appropriate force may be used gain and maintain control.
  • Patrol streets, roads, alleys, business and residential areas of the city enforcing traffic, parking, criminal laws and city ordinances. Checks suspicious persons and/or vehicles.
  • Responds to a wide variety of calls for service and investigates domestic violence, thefts, burglaries, assaults, missing children/persons, family disputes, alarms, and other law and ordinance violations.
  • Interview witnesses, suspects and victims.
  • Prepares full and comprehensive investigative and other types of reports, including sketches.
  • Testifies in court using good communication skills.
  • Serves warrants and subpoenas. Read and comprehend legal and non-legal documents, including the preparation and processing of citations, affidavits and warrants.
  • Conduct visual and audio surveillance.
  • Effect an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints; subdue resisting suspects using maneuvers and weapons and resort to the use of hands and feet and other approved weapons in self-defense.


1. A United States citizen.
2. At least 18 years of age.
3. Sixty (60) college credits with a minimum of a C average (2.0 grade average on a 4.0 grading scale) from an accredited institution of higher learning.
4. No felony or domestic abuse convictions.
5. Legally able to possess a firearm.
6. Ability to possess a valid Wisconsin motor vehicle operator's license by time of hire.
7. Must be able to pass physical and psychological examinations.