Deputy Sheriff

Lancaster, PA
Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

Salary Range 46,300.80

Position Summary


A Deputy Sheriff shall be a Law Enforcement Officer upon completion of training. A Deputy Sheriff should be energetic, competent, dependable, and efficient in order to carry out the duties and functions of the Sheriff’s Office on a daily basis. They provide safety for the public by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, rendering first aid and arresting and prosecuting suspects who have violated the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The duties of a Deputy often require a great deal of physical stamina in dangerous or uncomfortable situations. The position requires that many functions be performed outdoors, regardless of the weather.

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One of approximately 60 Deputy Sheriffs, seven of which are supervisors. Deputy Sheriffs report directly to Deputy Sheriff Corporals, Deputy Sheriff Sergeants, and also, through the office established chain of command, to Deputy Sheriff Lieutenants and the Chief Deputy.


The following are the essential functions of a Deputy Sheriff:

  • Be able to communicate effectively and professionally with the public, other law enforcement agencies and court entities.
  • Be able to deal with children of all ages in a variety of situations, such as delinquents, minors requiring authoritative intervention, neglected, abused, runaways, lost, found, victims of crime, etc.
  • Effect an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints.
  • Be able to apprehend suspects to the extent of engaging in foot pursuits while summoning assistance and/or engaging in the necessary use of force.
  • Be able to react and move rapidly from a sedentary to active state/condition in response to environmental situations or events.
  • Be able to assume a variety of bodily positions and postures necessary to employ available cover and concealment during a deadly force encounter.
  • Subdue resisting suspects using restraint and control techniques, weapons, and be able to use hands, feet and other approved weapons in self-defense.
  • Be able to respond to a physical attack and possess the ability to escape the attacker and/or summon aid.
  • Render first aid to people who are experiencing a medical emergency, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), rescue breathing, etc.
  • Monitor, report and investigate suspicious persons and situations, safety hazards and unusual or illegal activity.
  • Prepare investigative and other reports using appropriate grammar, symbols and mathematical computations.
  • Enforce the statutes of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, by preparing and submitting criminal complaints and summary citations, and assisting prosecuting the charges in court.
  • Be able to testify in court or in depositions.
  • Be able to appropriately relay information to and request resources from emergency services dispatchers.
  • Operate a law enforcement vehicle both day and night, and in emergency situations.
  • Be able to operate/utilize all office vehicle mounted equipment in a mobile or stationary mode.
  • Enforce the statutes of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, to include stopping vehicles and issuing traffic citations when properly certified. This shall be an ancillary duty.
  • Be able to discern colors as they are applied in traffic safety situations (electric signals, signing, hazardous materials placards, vehicle and clothing descriptions, etc.).
  • Be able to adequately judge distances and estimate speed.
  • Be able to see, read and recognize obstacles in a variety of normal and/or emergency environments.
  • Be able to direct traffic, sometimes for long periods of time, regardless of weather.
  • Be able to collect and document evidence.
  • Be aware of the rules of procedure regarding civil service and be able to effectively serve civil process.
  • Be able to verify and serve arrest warrants.
  • Be able to search defendants/prisoners for weapons or contraband.
  • Be able to transport prisoners/defendants on local transports and long-distance transports.
  • Be able to work courtroom security and have a working knowledge of each court’s security requirements.
  • Be able to work a security post and operate a magnetometer and X-ray machine and effectively communicate with the public.
  • Be able to operate office equipment, such as telephones, audio/visual devices, computer or workstation keyboards, calculators and security locking systems.
  • Must attend all trainings as assigned.
  • Must qualify yearly with handgun, shotgun and conducted electrical weapon (Taser), and pass all recertifications when required.
  • Shall be able to work all mandatory overtime.
  • Shall be available to work a variety of shifts and days, to include when assigned as the on-call Duty Deputy, or special details.
  • Work any and all duties as assigned by the Sheriff or Chief Deputy.


  • After completing initial training, a Deputy Sheriff will be assigned to one of the following divisions within the Sheriff’s Office: court security, security post, extradition/transport, warrant or civil division.
  • A Deputy Sheriff could be assigned as a K-9 Handler.
  • A Deputy Sheriff could be assigned to one of many positions that operate in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies to accomplish specific and defined law enforcement objectives.
  • A Deputy Sheriff will be required to perform other duties as assigned by supervision which could require overtime or weekend duty.
  • A Deputy Sheriff is classified as an Essential Employee and shall follow the County policy as outlined in section D-11 for Emergency Closing.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age upon academy graduation and a United States citizen.
  • Must be free from convictions of disqualifying criminal offenses.
  • Must be able to read at no less than the ninth-grade level, as established through the administration of the Nelson-Denny Reading Test.
  • Must possess a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License.
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  • Must be able to complete a pre-employment physical fitness test to office standards. Test includes sit-ups, push-ups and timed runs of different distances (exceptions may be made for applicants who were former certified law enforcement officers within the previous 5-years).


  • Be able to relate to and/or communicate effectively and professionally with a variety of personality types during interpersonal contact. Also be able to reasonably identify and display basic non-verbal communications (body language).
  • Speak, read and write the English language in a clear, understandable fashion. Must be able to read at no less than the ninth-grade level, as established through the administration of the Nelson-Denny Reading Test.
  • Be able to apply reasoning skills when confronted with circumstances requiring discretionary decisions.
  • Possess the physical abilities to carry out the aforementioned essential functions.
  • Be able to formulate and carry out an appropriate course of action for a given situation for which no specific rule or procedure has been established.
  • Be able to apply theory-based instruction or training to actual incidents/situations.
  • Be able to handle situations in a firm, courteous, tactful and impartial manner, especially when under stress.
  • Be capable of receiving and giving instruction, and of maintaining self-control when receiving constructive criticism and/or being ridiculed.
  • Must be able to continue to perform all required tasks/duties at a professional level when faced with unpleasant circumstances. Must also be able to deal with the morbid, the macabre, the repugnant, the abnormal, the morose, the psychotic, the neurotic and the otherwise unpleasant or unusual facets or results of human behavior.


  • Must have a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License and acceptable driving record in accordance with County policy.
  • Must pass an office oral interview board and follow-up staff interview.
  • Must complete pre-employment educational and psychological testing (exceptions may be made for applicants who were former certified law enforcement officers within the previous 5-years).
  • Must complete and pass a pre-employment polygraph (exceptions may be made for applicants who were former certified law enforcement officers within the previous 5-years).
  • Must complete and pass a pre-employment background investigation and pre-employment drug screen.
  • Must complete a pre-employment Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Record (Child Line and abuse registry) – cost is the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Must be personally examined by a physician, physician’s assistant or certified nurse practitioner who is licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The examination will be conducted prior to attending the Deputy Sheriff’s Academy and the deputy must pass the examination to the standards as set by law (37 PA Code Section 203.11).
  • Upon hire, must successfully complete the deputy FTO program and a six-month probationary period.
  • Must be enrolled in the Deputy Sheriff’s Training Academy within one year of employment, and successfully complete the academy and be certified by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency as a Deputy Sheriff.
  • After hire, must complete all subjects contained in the modules of the annual Deputy Sheriff’s Training Board recertification training. Failure to re-certify will result in termination of the deputy’s commission as a Deputy Sheriff.
  • After hire, must successfully complete additional periodic training, as required.


Unless the Sheriff or Chief Deputy grants a waiver or exception, the following are the physical requirements for the position:

  • This position has been identified as having the potential for exposure to Hepatitis B. Access to training and a voluntary vaccination against Hepatitis is provided.
  • This position also has the potential for prolonged periods of sitting, standing and lifting heavy objects.
  • Exposure to all kinds of weather conditions apply to this position.
  • This position requires occasional periods of extreme physical exertion to include running, use of force against other persons and possible responding to and escape from physical attack.
  • This position requires the immediate reaction and movement from a sedentary to active condition.
  • This position requires the ability to assume a variety of bodily positions and postures.
  • Must have visual acuity of at least 20/70, uncorrected in the stronger eye, correctable to at least 20/20; and at least 20/200, uncorrected in the weaker eye, correctable to at least 20/40. In addition, the applicant shall have normal depth and color perception and be free of any other significant visual abnormality.
  • Must have audio acuity sufficient to distinguish a normal whisper at a distance of 15 feet.
  • May not be missing any extremities, including digits, which would prevent performance of required deputy duties or meeting minimum training requirements.
  • Must be free from any other significant physical limitations or disabilities which would, in a physician’s opinion, impair the deputy’s ability to perform the duties of a deputy or complete required minimum training requirements.


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Lancaster County Government provides Equal Employment Opportunity for all persons regardless of race, religion, age, sex, national origin, genetic information or disability. The County also observes all applicable laws regarding Veterans status. The County reflects this action in all areas of employment and compensation practices and policies. Employment with the County is based upon the ability to perform the job as well as dependability and reliability once an individual is hired.