Police Officer – Entry Level

Juneau, AK
City & Borough of Juneau Police Department

Salary: $37.93 – $39.25 Hourly.

Essential Functions:

• Conducts patrols on foot, bicycle, or in a police car to observe activities found on City Borough streets, business establishments, residential areas, and public areas. Uses discretion as to when to take enforcement actions or initiate peacekeeping measures.
• Operates police car or other vehicle; observes the public; investigates accidents, determines violations of applicable laws, issues citations; takes necessary action to enforce compliance with federal, state, and local laws and city ordinances.
• Takes charge of situations which require involvement of law enforcement personnel, such as, car accidents, emergencies, and public disturbances. Assesses the situation and determines immediate response to ensure protection of life and property. Administers first aid, directs traffic, and requests emergency assistance or vehicles. Performs on-site personal interviews and records facts.
• Responds to calls for service or through self-initiated activity investigates civil and criminal complaints, crimes, disturbances or other unusual circumstances; evaluates the situation and determines if violations of the law occurred or if police action is required, then takes appropriate action.
• Questions and obtains statements from witnesses, collects and preserves evidence, prepares criminal and civil complaints, serves process papers and citations.
• Refers victims to appropriate agencies, such as, Family and Youth Services, medical authorities, or appropriate domestic violence programs.
• Properly uses specialized police equipment, such as, cameras, radar, blood-alcohol testing instruments, radios, and various less lethal and deadly weapons.
• Apprehends, pursues, restrains, and detains suspects and violators. Makes arrests and transports prisoners.
• Testifies in court in both civil and criminal cases.
• Prepares reports of investigations, activities, and conditions that are dangerous to the public or are of unusual circumstances.
• Assists other law enforcement agencies.
• Completes special duty assignments, such as, public speaking, conducting search and rescue operations, conducting public educational programs, and special training sessions. Performs special police/community relations, investigation unit, or metro unit assignments.
• Performs other related duties as required.


  • High school graduation or possession of a GED certificate.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or U.S. National; AND
  • Not less than 21 years of age at time of appointment; AND
  • Applicants must possess or obtain a valid Alaska Driver’s License by date of appointment and for continued employment.