Certified Police Officer

Maumelle, AR
Maumelle Police Department

Salary: $47,128.00 – $53,428.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

Police Officer II is responsible for the prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals, the direction of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and the general enforcement of laws and ordinances on an assigned shift. Work is performed in accordance with departmental rules and regulations and normally consists of patrol, preliminary investigations, and traffic regulation duties that may be performed in cars or on foot. Work involves an element of personal danger and officers must be able to act without direct supervision and exercise good judgment during a work shift.

Essential Functions:

1. Patrol the City on an assigned shift. Preserve law and order, prevent and discover the commission of crime, direct traffic, and enforce motor vehicle operation and parking regulations.

2. Investigate accidents and suspected criminal activity and make required reports to be filed with appropriate agencies.

3. Answer calls and complaints involving fire, automobile accidents, robberies, and other misdemeanors and felonies which present physical danger to the public and officer.

4. Perform any other related duties as required or assigned.


  • The candidate must possess a current active law enforcement Basic certification; or, be a current Police Officer in another jurisdiction eligible to obtain certification through CLEST.
  • No person shall be hired as a Police Officer who has not arrived at the age of twenty-one (21).
  • Have graduated from a standard high school or possess a high school equivalency certificate General Education Diploma (G.E.D.)
  • Have no domestic violence and/or felony convictions.
  • Be of good moral character.
  • Be free of any visual defect which in the opinion of the examining physician would adversely affect the performance of duty.
  • Possess normal hearing and be free of any hearing defect which in the opinion of the physician would adversely affect the performance of duty. Hearing may be considered normal when a whispered conversation can be heard at 15 feet.
  • Be a citizen of the United States at the time of hire.
  • Must possess a current, valid, unrestricted Arkansas Class D (Non-Commercial Vehicle) Driver’s License before employment and maintain the license for the duration of employment in this position.
  • The candidate must meet any other requirements established by the Maumelle Civil Service Commission and the State Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training.