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The City of Lincoln City Police Department is currently accepting applications for one Lateral or Entry Level Police Officer position. Lateral Police Officer applicants need…
Lincoln City, OR
City of Lincoln City
Salary: $
Under close supervision, train to perform the tasks required of a Police Officer. Must attend Police Academy for training in community relations, patrol methods, traffic…
Germantown, TN
Germantown Police Department
Salary: $
Performs a variety of law enforcement and crime prevention tasks, investigative work, special assignments, technical and administrative tasks in support of the Police Department. ASSIGNMENTS…
Midland, TX
Midland Police Department
Salary: $
This is a non-sworn, training level classification in the Police Department. Recruits do not have police officer powers or authority. Incumbents will assume non-sworn duties…
Robles, CA
Robles Police Department
Salary: $
Attends and successfully completes a program in law enforcement with a department authorized institution for the purpose of meeting the academic and technical skills requirements…
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis Police Department
Salary: $

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As a School Resource Officer, the officer will perform law enforcement duties and make him/herself available to all activities of the school to offer assistance,…
Pflugerville, TX
Pflugerville Police Department
Salary: $
The Wausau Police Department strives for excellence in policing by partnering with the community to enhance the quality of life. To accomplish this mission, it…
Wausau, WI
Wausau Police Department
Salary: $
Perform a variety of law enforcement security, safety and community service duties associated with the protection of life and property and maintenance of order. Responsible…
Elon, NC
Elon University
Salary: $
Join a team that places community first by promoting safety, enforcement, and protection! Do you have a passion to serve your community? Do you have…
Madison, WI
Wisconsin State Capitol Police
Salary: $
The City of South Bend is looking for qualified applicants to become police officer recruits. The recruits would attend the Spring police academy in 2019.…
South Bend, IN
South Bend Police Department
Salary: $

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Reports to the Watch Commander, responsibilities of this position would include maintaining a safe environment for the University community by way of patrol (foot and…
Chicago, IL
Loyola University Chicago
Salary: $
Applications for Police Officer are being accepted at this time. The City of Glendale is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the…
Glendale, WI
Glendale Police Department
Salary: $
The duties of this position require a constitutional law enforcement officer, requiring the regular bearing of firearms. Preserves law and order and protect life and…
Shalimar, FL
Okaloosa County Sheriff
Salary: $
Under the general direction of the Deputy Chief of Investigations provides technical support to Police Department in photographing, collecting, preserving and presenting physical evidence. Salary…
Hobbs, NM
Hobbs Police Department
Salary: $
Police Officer I performs protective service work enforcing laws, investigating criminal activity, ensuring safety of public, collecting evidence, testifying in court, maintaining files and records,…
Gastonia, NC
Gastonia Police Department
Salary: $

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Taylor University is seeking applications of candidates for Police Officer. This is a full-time, 12 month, non-exempt position located in Upland, Indiana. Resumes will be…
Upland, IN
Taylor University
Salary: $
Applications are being accepted for the position of Patrol Officer. The Fond du Lac Police Department will be conducting a continuous recruitment process. As the…
Fond du Lac, WI
Fond du Lac Police Department
Salary: $
The City of West Melbourne is currently recruiting out-of-state experienced law enforcement officers who would like to relocate to the Brevard County area. We are…
West Melbourne, FL
West Melbourne Police Department
Salary: $
Salary $38,222.00 Annually Closing 10/31/2018 11:59 PM Eastern The employment procedure for the Police Trainee position is a multi-step process. An applicant must pass each step…
Greensboro, NC
Greensboro Police Department
Salary: $
Police Recruit is a training level classification used for the 24-week Sacramento Police Academy. Police Recruits undergo a formal training program in the Police Academy…
Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Police Department
Salary: $

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The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ) conceives, builds, operates, and maintains infrastructure critical to the New York/New Jersey region’s trade and…
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
Salary: $
The City of Norfolk Police Department is seeking individuals to join an elite team of law enforcement professionals providing protection and police services responsive to…
Norfolk, VA
Norfolk Police Department
Salary: $
The fundamental reason this position exists is to provide protection and security for the citizens of Montgomery. Police officers serve as entry-level sworn personnel in…
Montgomery, AL
Montgomery Police Department
Salary: $
Performs a wide variety of law enforcement functions, including but not limited to: patrol, security, investigations, criminal gang activity, crime prevention, surveillance, and other law…
Salt Lake City, UT
University of Utah
Salary: $
Provides service, which protects life and property, preserves peace, prevents criminal activities and enforces City ordinances and federal, state and local laws in the City…
Pittsburg, PA
Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
Salary: $

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