Police Officer

Oceanside, CA
MiraCosta College

Salary: $77,351 per year, $6,445.91 per month.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision, perform a wide variety of peace officer duties involving the protection of life and property, enforcement of laws and ordinances, emergency preparedness, crime prevention and suppression, and providing information and assistance to students and the public utilizing an equity-minded and trauma-informed approach; may provide investigative or training support, as assigned; and perform related duties as assigned.

Essential Functions:

1. Exhibit an equity-minded focus, responsiveness, and sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, and employees, including those with physical or learning disabilities, and successfully foster and support an inclusive educational and employment environment. Ensure consistency and alignment with the district’s commitment to a racially just, trauma-informed policing approach, emphasizing innovation, creativity, and transparency.

2. Utilize a community policing approach to patrol assigned areas on any district campuses and properties by foot, bicycle and emergency vehicle to enforce state and federal laws and district rules and regulations pertaining to public safety, asset protection and campus security; inspect the security of facilities and prevent the entry of unauthorized persons on grounds or in buildings.

3. Respond to routine and emergency calls for service; as a first responder, interview and take appropriate action such as performing first aid or CPR to assist crime victims; activate the Incident Command System (ICS) as needed.

4. Build and maintain strong relationships with key campus stakeholders and law enforcement agencies; work creatively and collaboratively with department leadership to address the needs of disproportionately impacted and minoritized populations including Latinx and Chicanx communities, Black and African American communities, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities, Native American communities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) communities, veteran communities, former foster youth, adult students, and students from low socioeconomic statuses, undocumented/mixed status/DACA, justice or system impacted and formerly incarcerated communities, reduce disparities, and help create a racially just campus climate.

5. Enforce federal, state and local laws and ordinances, issue verbal warnings and citations; pursue and apprehend suspects and request assistance as required; arrest and detain suspects; support the safety of individuals impacted by severe mental health concerns per Section 5150 of the Welfare and Institutions Code; remove individuals from campus and/or district property and refer to the Office of Student Affairs; record and document incidents in patrol logs.

6. Investigate traffic accidents and provide traffic and crowd control as necessary; coordinate crime scene control and assist with preliminary investigations, including locating and interviewing witnesses, collecting and cataloging evidence, and detaining or arresting individuals violating laws, rules and regulations; coordinate with other local law enforcement agencies; prepare reports including arrest reports, criminal citation notices-to-appear and property evidence reports; testify as a witness in court.

7. Work closely with other law enforcement agencies; perform follow-up investigations of cases initiated by the Oceanside Police Department and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department; contact and liaison with probation officers, case workers and others involved with juvenile offenders; respond to mutual aid requests of allied law enforcement agencies during disasters, emergencies and/or incidents that are of local or regional significance; participate in cooperative enforcement activities with allied law enforcement agencies such as DUI checkpoints and traffic safety initiatives.

8. Perform directed patrol activities to support motorist and pedestrian safety; conduct investigations of non-injury traffic collisions in accordance with State-Wide Integrated Traffic Reporting System (SWITRS) guidelines; issue citations for non-compliance with parking permits, vehicle registrations, parking regulations and/or violations of the California Vehicle Code; ensure parking lots and roadways are clearly marked and maintained.

9. Maintain, inspect and qualify with department-issued firearms and other department-issued weapons and equipment including Tasers, impact weapons and oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray, handcuffs, handheld radios, and video and audio recording devices in accordance with department policy; participate in monthly firearms training activities.

10. Attend ongoing and periodic training on the law, police procedures, de-escalation tactics, use of force, implicit bias, impacts of trauma, mental health, history of policing, defensive tactics, report writing and other topics to keep knowledge and skills current.

11. In the event of disaster, supervise the distribution of emergency operational equipment and implement and monitor emergency procedures.


  • Graduation from high school or GED equivalent;
  • Be at least 21 years of age, and
  • Current employment as a police officer or deputy sheriff in the State of California OR successful completion of the California Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) basic course OR completion of a basic course waiver within the past three years or by time of appointment.
  • Additionally, candidates for this position must meet the following minimum peace officer selection standards as set forth in Government Code Sections 1029 and 1031. Every California peace officer must be:
  • Free of any felony convictions.
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States by federal law.
  • Fingerprinted for purposes of search of local, state, and national fingerprint files to disclose any criminal record.
  • Of good moral character, as determined by a thorough background investigation.
  • Free of bias against race or ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Found to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer.
  • A valid California driver’s license and the ability to maintain insurability under the district’s vehicle insurance program.
  • PC 832 fire arm qualified.
  • A valid first aid certification and CPR certificate.
  • Police Officers are expected to maintain ongoing training mandated by POST to maintain their skills and retain their Peace Officer status.
  • Successful completion of the Intermediate and Advanced POST courses are highly desirable.
  • Additional certification is required for special assignments – POST Detective/Investigator Certification, POST Background Investigator, POST Firearms Instructor, Taser Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor.
  • Successful completion of a comprehensive background investigation is required, including a review of employment history, criminal conviction record, credit history, and use of intoxicants and/or other controlled substances.