Campus Police Officer

Weston, MA
Regis College

Position Summary:

A police officer is required to efficiently perform their duties in conformance with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of the Regis College Police Department. Entry level police officers are generally assigned as uniformed patrol officers but may also be required to carry out other duties as may be assigned or required. This position is under the direct command of the Sergeant or Officer-in-Charge.

Essential Functions:

  • Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crime and/or unsafe conditions through preventative patrol and other measures.
  • Aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm.
  • Aid individuals who are in need of emergency medical/psychiatric care.
  • Facilitate the movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
  • Monitor and enforce parking regulations.
  • Identify problems that are potential threats to public safety.
  • Create and maintain a feeling of safety and security in the community.
  • Promote and preserve peace.
  • Identify criminal offenders and criminal activity and, where appropriate, apprehend offenders and participate in court proceedings.
  • Maintain property and building access control.
  • Provide other services on an emergency basis.
  • Maintain positive relationships with members throughout the Regis community.
  • Exercise authority consistent with the obligations in the oath of office and law enforcement code of ethics. Remain accountable to officers of higher rank and promptly obey legitimate orders.
  • Coordinate efforts with other members of the department so that an atmosphere of teamwork and common purpose prevails allowing maximum achievement of police objectives.
  • Communicate to supervisors and to fellow officers all information obtained which is pertinent to the achievement of police objectives.
  • Prior to duty, ensure uniforms, weapons, and equipment are clean, properly maintained, and in compliance with departmental standards. Report damage or loss of equipment assigned to the officer immediately as prescribed.
  • Respond punctually to all assignments.
  • Patrol assigned area, on foot or by vehicle, and perform proactive crime prevention activities.
  • Assist people who request assistance or information.
  • Take police enforcement action, including custodial arrest when appropriate, in cases of violations of state laws or other controlling statutes within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Regis College Police Department. Confer with appropriate university personnel, court prosecutors, and participate in judicial proceedings.
  • Ensure that assigned police vehicles are well maintained mechanically and kept clean both inside and out.
  • Keep radio equipment in operation at all times and be thoroughly familiar with departmental policy and procedures concerning use of the radios.
  • Report hazards and any other conditions that endanger public safety.
  • Check buildings, athletic fields, walkways, exterior lighting, and grounds on campus.
  • Respond to any public emergency.
  • Preserve the peace at public gatherings, disputes and disturbances.
  • Respond to situations brought to the officer’s attention while in the course of patrol or when assigned.
  • Render first aid, when qualified, to persons who are ill or injured. Assist persons needing police services.


  • Associates degree in criminal justice or related field, or a bachelor’s degree in any field (either must be from an accredited university or college.)
  • Must be able to obtain certification as a Law Enforcement Officer through the Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST- C).
  • Must be able to obtain Special State Police Officer (SSPO) certification as required under MA General Law Chpt 22C section 63.
  • Must have graduated from a Massachusetts full time police academy (or equivalent), or possess the following three requirements:
  • Completed the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee’s (MPTC) part time Reserve Academy (prior to July 1,2021), and
  • Obtained at least 2,400 hours experience as a sworn police officer(must have had powers of arrest), and
  • Meet or have the ability to meet the additional training requirements established by the MPTC -Bridge Academy Training Program.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Possess a Massachusetts License to Carry a Firearm.
  • Ability to pass the Massachusetts Human Resources Division’s- Initial Hire: Medical Examination and Physical Ability Test Standards.
  • Ability to uphold the university’s commitment to inclusive excellence in a diverse educational community.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, faculty and staff, fellow employees, the general public, and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Ability to utilize computer equipment and sufficient keyboard skills to be proficient in report writing.
  • Project confidence, self-assurance and certainty to the public. Ability to project a neat, professional appearance to the public. Ability to communicate clearly, both verbally and in writing. Emotional stability and the ability to cope with stressful situations and confront hostile persons.