Police Officer/Police Officer Trainee

Goose Creek, SC
Goose Creek Police Department

Police work is very challenging, inherently dangerous, but is rewarding to those who commit to a career of public service. As such, the City of Goose Creek considers only the best qualified candidates who have demonstrated positive character and integrity in their personal and professional lives to fill our police officer vacancies.


JOB SUMMARY: Position responsible for providing police services to the public for the purpose of maintaining public order and safety.

SAFETY: Employee responsible for adhering to all safety procedures and regulations established by the Department, the City and all State and Federal organizations. Any safety concern should be reported to a supervisor immediately.

• Patrols areas within the City limits and enforces state and local laws; investigates crimes against persons and property and traffic accidents; apprehends and
• arrests criminals; serves warrants, subpoenas and other writs; processes bookings and photographs.
• Is responsible for promoting good public relations and performs such duties as providing house security checks, emergency protection, providing escorts
• through the City, conducting security stand-by and providing money escorts. Engages in Community Oriented Policing activities.
• Provides information and assistance to the general public.
• Prepares and presents cases in court.
• Responds to emergency alarms as needed to include burglar alarms, armed robberies, assaults, domestic violence and prowler calls.
• Receives, reviews, processes, files and/or submits various reports and records including incident reports, supplement reports, accident reports, booking
• reports, witness statements, activity sheets, various forms and records, training reports and affidavits.
• Performs crime scene processing as necessary.
• Rolls fingerprints for criminals and citizens.
• Operates computers with a wide variety of applications and functions.
• Assists other law enforcement agencies as needed.
• Performs desk and dispatch duties as needed.
• Serves as back up to co-workers.
• Performs other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications for Police Trainee
• High school diploma or GED.
• Two years of work experience that demonstrates a high level of responsibility and dependability.
• One year of law enforcement related experience preferred.
• Ability to obtain and maintain Certification from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.
• Valid South Carolina Driver's License.

Minimum Qualifications for Police Officer
• High school diploma or GED.
• Valid South Carolina Driver's License.
• This position is for a certified police officer. Certification from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy or another state's law enforcement training academy, B.L.E.T. or P.O.S.T. required.